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    Remove Corruption form our Country !!!!!!!!

    It is the time to do anything for remove corruption form our Country. The Social worker Mr.Anna Hazare will commence a fast unto death from April 5 2011 in support of the Jan Lokpal Bill. You can join the fight against corruption.
    Join Anna, and fast with him for a day, or as long as you can from today.
    If you all want to remove corruption form our country then do miscall on 02261500792 and get information about this approach bia SMS.
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    I fully agree with the view that corruption should be eradicated from the face of earth itself and especially from the soil of Inddia i e Bharath.

    But is it going to be acheived merely by somebody or a group of people doing one day humger strike or indefenite hunger strike? To me it is not going to be successful to acheive its intended pupose. It is quite possible to bring in a piece of legislation of Lokaukta/Lokpal or some other name for the purpose. That is not going to bring in the desired result of eradicating corruption.

    Let us see the position of corruption in our country. We can find that about 95% percent are involved in corruption either directly orindirectly. Even amongst those who shout and make a show of fighting corruption, there are only a handful of persons who can be counted on the fingers who may above corruption. The rest are like the thieves who run with the crowd shouting thief, thief.

    Corruptin has entrenched in every aspect of our lives. But we are seeing only the corruption shown in the media. These cases which come in the media are only like the tip of the ice berg. Around 80% is beneath the surface.

    Our system itself is a fertile ground to the enormous growth of corruption. The system is such that to find out the corruption itself is difficult as the various institutions like CVC, CAG, CBI etc can do the check only on a random basis bcause of the enormous volume of work to be handled by them. After establsihing prima facie that there is corruption involved it has to furter investigated. Then there is the court proceedures. Our legal system is unfortunately taken advanted by the monyed corrupt and criminal persons as they can spend any amount of money to escape. If we look at the scene, we can find the corruption cases going on, on so many politicians, officials, indsutrialists etc are no where near the end and may take years to come and by that time those involved may leave this world.

    There are enough laws in the land to take care all aspect of wrong doiongs including that of corruption. These are ineffective becacasue of othe system. For removing corruption what is needed is a through shake of the system. There is a say that charity begins at home. We should apply the principle and start from ourselves. If we succeede in this we can be sure pof of removing corruption to a great extent. Other wise we will end up with another law of Lok Pal.

    Coupled with the above if we work for the funding of the elections only through the Government instead of the parties with their contributions we wll succeed to a gear extent.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Thanks To Mr. Ramanathan A R for giving his good views. But It is the time to remove corruption for our Country so for it we all will have to gathered together in the form of giving for support to these type social worker.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat

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