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    Special Awards Winners of March

    Dear Member,
    SpiderKerala is now being popular day by day crossing all limits and now has become a well accepted website with articles & news provided at the right time. The number of active members is increasing so as the number of readers who are interested to read our articles. Definitely the full credit goes to the members who had built a bond with us. As you know we had stopped the revenue sharing program in the month of February and said that the amount will be distributed as awards for special contests. So for the first time we have a list of special awards which we like to continue in the coming months too. Many members are really experiencing the merit of being contributing in SPiderKerala. From this month onwards we are introducing few new award programs. No more time to wait for so now we are announcing the special awards for the month for March. Let this will motivate more participation from the part of members in the coming days.

    Most Active Member Award

    This award is given to member/members who had been more active by contributing articles and participating in various contests. This time the award is given to 2 members who had been regular contributors added to this, the back bone behind the present growth of SPiderKerala. It's none other than Roshan Salim and Roshin K.P. So both of them deserve special rewards from SPiderKerala. Both of them are rewarded with Rs 500 each as special prize.

    Supportive Active Member Award

    This award is given to member/members who had been more active by contributing articles and participating in various contests. There are few names to be added to the list of active members who deserve special rewards for being active and prompt in creating their own space here. Well supportive in contributing articles knowing the pulse of SPK let us announce the names of the members who deserve special rewards. The winners of this special awards are Raj, Ibrahim.N, Lijin.T, S.Sowmya & Nijin Ashok. All these 5 members get special reward of Rs 250 each.

    Job Wizard Award

    This award is given to member/members who had been more active by contributing job posts. This award is also a new initiative in SPiderKerala. We have a regular member who doesn't need any special introduction as being active in most of our sistersites. So its R.Promod who is being selected as the Wizard for posting jobs. Promod is rewarded with Rs 250 as special prize from SpiderKerala.

    Creative Member Award

    This award is given to member/members who had been more active by contributing articles and participating in forum discussions. The first recipient of this new award is the well experienced member Vandana who also need no introduction. Vandana will get Rs 250 as special cash prize.

    Versatile Member Award

    This award is also given to member/members who had been more active by contributing articles and participating in forum discussions. But the uniqueness of this award program is that it is given to those member/members who contribute articles of historical importance. Added to this the performance in the forum will also be monitored. The first recipients of this award program are 2 of our senior most members who had been a part of SPiderKerala and bring their best participation to make this site more active. So the winner of this award programs are T.M Sankaran Sir & A.R Ramanathan Sir. Both of them get Rs 250 each as special cash prize.

    Twinkling Star Award

    This award is also given to new member/members who had been more active by contributing articles.This new award is very special. Every day new members are joining SpiderKerala. We monitor the daily activities of those members who really stick on to contribute articles and participate in different contests in SPIderKerala. This award had been hidden for a while to find a new face who carry on bringing articles according to the need of the site. So the time has come to reveal the new found face who has proved to be active in SPiderKerala. The first recipient of this award is Anumol.K.M. We believe that this special award will motivate 'anumol' to bring more and more articles. So Anumol gets Rs 300 as special cash prize.

    Enthusiastic Member Award

    This award is also given to new member/members who had been more active in contributing and being part of different contests. Unlike other awards here the criteria is not fixed. But overall participation of new members is monitored. The first recipient of this award is Ranjith who gets Rs 100 as special cash prize.

    These are the special award winners of the month of march. Now let us go the announcement of the winners of special contests in the month of march.

    Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Contest Winners

    SpiderKerala initiated the cricket world cup prediction contest which began with the inaugural match and ended with the India vs Srilanka final. We had many active members who tried their luck by posting their predictions. The winners are being announced here.

    Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Final Contest Winner

    In the final match prediction contest too we had many active participation from the side of the members. Only one member came up with the right predictions. And the Award winner is Roshin.K.P. Roshin gets the bigger ever given cash reward in SPiderKerala for a contest which is of Rs 1000.

    Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Semi Final Contest Winner

    There were 2 prediction contests for the semifinal matches. In the first semi final between Srilanka and New Zealand we have got only one member giving out the right prediction. It's Ibrahim.N who came up with the right predictions and will get cash reward of Rs 500.

    There are no winners for the Mega Prediction Contest.

    Urumi Malayalam Movie Resource Contest

    This was also another contest that we have for the month of march. We really thought to give some good cash rewards for all those who contribute for this contest. Also we had expected more participation from the part of the members. But unfortunately as in the same case members have missed this forum thread too. Any way 3 members came up with few articles related to Urumi Malayalam Movie. We too had considered the early posts on Urumi which were posted long back before the announcement of this contest. There were members who really worked hard to add quite a plenty of resources on the movie Urumi. The members are Roshin, Roshan,Lijin & Raj. Each member will get Rs 100 as special cash prize.

    We will be soon updating two more contests. Be active in those two contests and earn more.
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    Hello friends,

    Spider Kerala Rocks. This is the first time a spider site given so much awards to its members. Although the partnership share is not here, the contests running here really motivate the members to win. At the same time SPK will contain more and more quality resources by the active participation from the members. I am sure this will really change the contribution level of the members. By announcing this awards, Spider Kerala proved that it is always think from the side of members.

    I am very happy to receive some of the awards announced. I think I am very lucky to win the Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest. It is before the final I desired to give the Man of The Match Prediction to our Captain Dhoni only because he didn't show his real power althrough the series. I think he would return back and that comes true.

    The Most Active Member Award is a real gift to me and Roshan. We really work hard to gether with our Biju Sir to bring SPK top among the sites. Roshan Salim was a real supporter for me. Even though he had exams, he posted good articles here. Biju Sir also gave me full support for coming with articles. He also work hard for the success of SPK. This must be a real motivation to new members and I welcome all the members to the competition side. I also honoured with a special award for the URUMI Malayalam Movie Resource Contest. After announcing the contest, there were no more entries from the members except one or two. I posted some resources, but no competitors. So it is good to honour the members who gave some good articles earlier. Congrats to Roshan, Raj and Lijin.
    In case of Supportive Active Member Award, the winners list is really the right one. Raj, Ibrahim, Lijin, Sowmya and Nijin Ashok really deserve this award. Personally I dont know them except Lijin, but all of them are real contributors here. Lijin had exams during the last month, but he also came with some good posts. So a real gift to him.

    Congrats Pramod for winning the Job Wizard Award. I really appreciate your work in the job category. You also deserve this award.

    It is really interesting, at the same time, great motivation from the side of SPK to give special awards to the members. This month SPK came with some new awards to its members who made their participation in a special way. I am very happy to congrats the winners of this award. Congrats to All.

    Creative Member Award - Vandana
    Versatile Member Award - T.M Sankaran Sir & A.R Ramanathan Sir ( Both are assets of SPK)
    Twinkling Star Award- Anu Mol
    Enthusiastic Member Award - Ranjith
    Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Semi Final Contest Winner - Ibrahim

    So I Conclude my wishes to all of the SPK members. We can join to gether for making Spider Kerala a great success than ever.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Congratulations to all the winners in different categories.

    More than winning prizes and cash awards, it is my privilege to be among such stalwarts.

    As webmaster said Vandana and Roshin.K.P need no special introduction as both of them are marvelous contributors.

    No doubt SPK will become the top site among the spider sites due to the presence of ever enthusiastic webmaster.

    R Pramod

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    Hearty Congratulations to all the winners of March. I am happy to be one among them. But I want to specially congratulate Roshin and Roshan for being active contributors of SPK. They really deserve this award.

    Would like to see many more winners in the coming months too. I want to thank our Webmaster who motivates every member of SPK by coming up with great awards. Thank you sir!


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    Let me congratulate one and all who have been selected for awards. I am happy that my name also figure in that. Thanks to all concerned. Perhaps, this may help me to contribute more, though I have started contributing to SPK not with the motive of winning awards.

    I am interested in History and related topics. Hence I have collected lots of related materials, and had published small essays in Malayalam. That helped me posting some of the resources to SPK.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    First of all I want to thank the webmaster and his team and the editors for their painstaking work of going through each and every article published and giving their advices/suggestions/help/ encouragements to all members. All members, especially the new ones, require this very much for their progress in contributions. This will result in the a very good web reference point to all the Keralites. This web site should be like the wikipedia of Kerala so that people who wnts to know anything about kerala can get the details they want from this site. Once this is done, the site will be full of information & traffic and will earn revenue.

    Now I take this opportunity to congratulate Mr Roshan Salim Sir and Mr Roshin K.P Sir for their getting the 'Most Active Member Award'. I also Congratulate M/s Raj, Ibrahim.N, Lijin.T, S.Sowmya & Nijin Ashok for their selection to the 'Supportive Active Member' Award.

    Congratulations to Mr R.Promod for his slection to receive the ,Job Vizard' Award; Ms Vandana for her contribution and receipent of being a 'Creative Member' Award; Sri T.M Sankaran Sir for his selection as the awardee for 'Versatile Member'; Ms Anumol.K.M. for her selection as 'Twinkling Star' Awardee; Sri Ranjith for his being the first to receive the 'Enthusiastic Member' Award.

    Special congratulations to Mr Roshin.K.P, Mr Ibrahim.N Roshin and M/s Roshan,Lijin & Raj for their richly desrving predictions which won them the prizes of the 'Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Final Contest Winner'; the 'Ultra Mega Cricket World Cup Prediction Semi Final Contest Winner' and the 'Urumi Malayalam Movie Resource Contest', respectively.

    Once again hearty congratulations to all winners.

    I take this opportunity to thank all the concerned for selectiong for the award of 'Versatile Member'.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    I would like to express my appreciation to Webmaster Biju for announcing so many unique awards. It is a reflection of acknowledging the contributions of various members, each in their own individual way. No other partner site of ISC has taken this initiative to reward different members. At other sites, I generally see a trend of the same one or two members getting awards month after month. Here, on the other hand, even those with few contributions are appreciated. Thank you.

    I am really thrilled to get my first ever award from this site & hope to continue with good contributions, time permitting.


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    Wow! Another exciting award from SPK. First of all thanks for selecting me for Supportive Active Member Award. I congratulate all other members who got these awards from SPK.

    I love to contribute here mainly because of the motivation of Biju Cherian sir who always make the website live by announcing new awards and conducting exciting contests.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Congratulations for all the winners, without whom spiderkerala will never be in such a position. Your effort is the measure of your success and you really deserve this.
    Once again I congratulate one and all who have been selected for the awards.

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    Congratulations to all the winners of march. Spiderkerala giving a lot of awards in this month. I am also in one of the winners list. spiderkerala team take good effort to find the best winners .Thanks to our webmaster Biju sir,Editors and other spiderkerala teams.You are taking a good effort at every month.These awards will motivate all members.By the next month participants for each contest will be more .so there will be a lot of risk taken by spiderkerala teams to find the winner.Once again congratulations to all the winners.

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