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    Meditation - to get control on your mind.

    So many people have concentration problem. Some students cannot concentrate on their lessons while they study, employees can not concentrate on their work. This will result in their low performance and less scoring.

    The best solution to solve lack of concentration is to practice meditation. In meditation, the practitioner is concentrating his thoughts to a single object. This object can be anything which deliver positive energy. It can be pictures, sounds, light etc.,

    Anyone who has a sound mind can practice meditation. It is difficult to pin our thoughts to an object at starting. By regular practice we can hold the control of our mind and thoughts. It is very important to practice meditation under the guidance of a qualified guide (GURU). Wrong practice and approach can be halmful.
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    It is right that to get good performance in case of Education, in case of Job, We should have good control on our mind. For getting good control on our mind we should have the capability to concentrate on things. If we are doing one work like Studying then our total concentration should be on Studying not other thing. If we are thinking about other things then it is a problem of concentration and We can lose our performance in that work.
    My thinking is that lose concentration is due to pressure condition and to do more work than our capability . So Mediation can be a good way to make up our concentration. When I see that I am losing my concentration for any particular work than I try to see on a single point and think about it for making my concentration. It works for me. I think that it can be a form of Mediation.

    With Regards,

    Gopal Singh Rawat.

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    Meditation is an excellent method to increase concenration. As explained by Ms Rajalekshmi, neditation can be done by concentrating the mind on a single subject. It can be just observing our own breatahing.

    In the olden days there was the practice of pranayama. This helps to a great extent to develop concentration. Another method is mentally chanting the name of the favourate god or chanting Gayathri Mantra, with counting of the same with a breathing exercise.

    Another way is to get hold of some good tape of meditation by some slef development program group and mediate along with the playing of the tape.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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