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    Reminder about Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest

    Hello webmaster,

    Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest is the biggest contest from spiderkerala.I wants to give some reminder about this contest.

    In this contest webmaster announced that

    "The most attractive feature of this Ultra Mega Contest is that all members who participate in the contest will get cash credits. Is it a wonderful idea? Cash for all those who participate."

    " The most attractive feature of this Ultra Mega World Cup Prediction Contest is that all members who participate in each contest will be given Rs 25 as special participation prize."

    But after this contest, spiderkerala announced the winners of every match.but they forgot the above Offers.

    Can anyone got the cash of this contest?

    Please Take a necessary actions regarding this post.

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    Hello Ranjith,

    The prediction contest was a big success and the things are under processing. I think it needs some time to update the cash credits to all the participating members. Just wait Ranjith and no need to worry. Spider Kerala is a genuine one and will give you the cash credits offered here.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Thank you Mr. Roshan for your Response regarding this contest. we are Expecting another big success in IPL contest.

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    Hello Ranjith,

    Thanks for raising this question. I am also expecting this cash reward from SPK. Lets wait Biju Cheriyan's sir response.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    All the contests and programs in SPiderKerala is activated for the benefit of the members.SpiderKerala has been achieving new heights with the active contribution from the part of the members. But let me remind you few things regarding the comment put forward by you. Let us know is it by anxiety that you have put forward this thread or do you doubt about our trust with the members. You might be knowing that for the month of march we had given out more than Rs 6000 as special prize to the active members other than rewarding for their contribution in articles and forums. Even you were given a special prize which was solely created to encourage you. Normally we gives special cash prize only to the most active members. Even we have become more liberal to give prize to new members which no one might have seen in any of our spider sites.

    More than that have you might have seen a lot of changes that had been added up in your articles to make it a professional article. Just check your approved articles to find is it in the same thing that you have posted here. That means, we have to spend more time for each and every article to modify it to a professional article. But you didn't find time to congratulate us as we have found more time to modify your posts.

    Regarding this thread you have put forward regarding this world cup contest, we had around 25 members who have participated in the contest. As per your question they all have to put forward a similar thread like this. But mostly the active members really know what is going on here. I personally spend 12-14 hours daily solely for SPK. And you might have been seeing new forum threads adding up daily for the contests and much more. So we have a tight schedule here in SPK. We don't go back from any of the announcements made by us. The real reason behind for not adding the cash credits in the members account who have participated in the Ultra Mega Prediction Contest is of only one reason. We have found few members who have played some tricks by manipulating predictions. So we are tracked those members who will not be credited with any cash credits. So be patient for adding up cash for the participation. More than that just think before pointing out any problem here. We think you might have understood.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Hello Biju sir,

    we know that biju sir and all spiderkerala team spent lot of their time in spiderkerala for us. First of all ,special congradulations to all the spiderkerala teams especially biju sir . All of you are taking taking good effort by reading and modifying our posts.
    Now i knew that what is really happend in ultra mega prediction contest. sorry for posting this thread at here. Now i wants to delete it. I have understood that what is really happend at here.

    Thank you biju sir for your quick response.

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    Hello Ranjith,
    You can also be more active in SPiderKerala posting current trends like the election updates,movie reviews and KTK IPL posts. More than that with the approval of your adsense account you too can taste the fruit of earning from google adsense. Any way be more active here in the coming days.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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