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    Enquiry about the contests

    I am new here in SpiderKerala. I am very interested to participate in the contests taking place here regarding the IPL matches. I've also registered for the same and my name appears in the list of eligible people who can participate. But i'm not able to give my predictions since it always shows that the thread is locked. Please let me know how to go about this problem.
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    You can participate in any of the IPL Contest. But every contest will be ended on 12 noon on the match day. So before that, you have to post your entry. I think you are a little bit late today. If the time is over, the thread will be locked for new responses. So starts to participate from the next contets onwards. I wish you all the best for your predictions.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    All contests in SpiderKerala are open for all members to participate. Regarding the IPL contest as you have given you interest to participate in the IPL contest, the way is open for you. What you have to do next is to give your predictions in the concerned threads before the thread is locked .Each day according to the next day matches a new forum thread will be opened for members to give their prediction.Predictions should be made with in the stipulated time. After the time is over the thread will be locked. Even you have missed few opportunities regarding the contest, yet you have more contests to participate as new forum threads will be opened each days. So best wishes.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Thank you very much for the responses and the information given. I will make sure to give my predictions at the earliest from the next contests. I have one more enquiry. Arent any points or cash credits given for submitting recipes? I have submitted two recipes and saw that only the status was changed. I dont mind not getting cash for submitting recipes but just wanted to know how it works.

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    We can see a lot of talent in you even as a new member you have come will unique posts which need much appreciation.
    Concerned with forum threads put forward by us regarding different contests, many of the members are not even knowing about the importance of forum posts. Actually this is the way for us to communicate with our members. Only less number of members are posting according to the forum threads posted from our part. So let us tell you to read all forum posts and post accordingly so as you can get better cash rewards and more than that this will be a recognition to get an adsense account much earlier. So make use of your wise time to read all forum threads posts regarding contests.

    Coming to your question, we are just short to announce a recipe contest. Expect a new forum post with in 2 days. Now articles on recipes are not given cash rewards. Ok I guess you got the point.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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