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    Women freedom in kerala

    From the recent incidents that has taken place and those that we hear at present, we can say that women are not free from social harassment.The train incident shows the harassment happening against young lady's.Then the news of giving children from an orphanage to other countries, can be shown as best example for that against children.

    The present situation shows that a lady, let her be of any age, there will be no question of security while she travels,stays out of home,and sometimes even at home and school.

    All these shows some sort of lack of awareness that our people have without any difference in ladies and gents.And especially it is the duty of parents and teachers to teach their children about how to be aware of such situations.Once they are aware they will have a thought in mind to be away from such things.
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    The points raised by Ms Suchitra are incidents happening in Kerala. This situation is also prevalent in all the other states of India. Perhaps this may be so even in Other countries.
    The facts mentioned are true incidents. But on reflection it may be possible to conclude that while millions of ladies are on the move by own vehicles, buses, trains,planes,ships etc the number of incidents are small in percentage. Comparing to the ration of such incidents between men and women, the percentage will defenitely be very high in cases of ladies. Generally the ladies are sfot by nature. The biological urge of sex/love is present in most of the human beings. When overtures are made by the men, most of the ladies resist. At that time, most of the males withdraw from the attempts. But few of them cannot stop may be because of hurt feeling of ego or the urge is so satrong that they cannot restrain themselves or there my be prompters nearby or it may be for any other reason.

    Such individuals start becoming more and more violent on resistance. This is also a psychic problem of the individuals concerned.

    Whatever it is, this behavior should be condemned and punished immediately for arresting this tendency of harassment of ladies.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Thogh we Keralites boast of highest literacy and good living standards, it is true that the worst kind of incidents towards women takes place here.It is sad, but true that women are always taunted and tortured.Is living in kerala becoming a night mare to ladies??

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    It is indeed true that the public life of women has turned out to be more insecure and the possibilities of women in public atmosphere are coming down owing to the decency constraints . It is pathetic , considering that the opportunities of many women to show their mettle is hampered by the indecent acts conducted simply to satisfy one's sexual desires . The morale of the society has come down to a great extent .

    Even children who have not even reached puberty speak of things they should not be knowing about . The growth of media and the increasing exposure to them has led to this . Lack of time for parents amkes them unable to keep children away from viewing censored or adult rated content .

    The atrocities that women face , are sometimes also due to the unwanted freedom that men are given . When a woman speaks to a man , she should give him an impression that she does not intend to extend the relationship of a friend to anything more than that . Many women do not think and act with vigil .

    The introduction of objects like the pepper spray has been a good idea , as it gives a woman the time to escape or atleast howl and attract attention , when she falls under attack .

    However the dignity and character of a person always gives a first impression in the mind of a person . A highly dignified person does not give the impression that she is vulnerable . It is ofteen the vulnerability , which urges a criminal to attack on the person . So women should take care of themselves . Parents should teach their children to develop qualities of brotherly and sisterly affection towards people . Impure thoughts should be kept away from mind .

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