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    Suggestions regarding IPL predictions contest

    Respected Webmaster,

    Sir, I have a suggestion that, Please announce the predictions for a particular match at least 24 hours before the match actually begins. This will give members just enough time to enter their predictions. Hoping to hear from Webmaster and other members on this suggestion.
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    Respected Webmaster,

    Sir please keep the predictions contest open at least till the start of the match.

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    Dear Friend Vimal,
    Just want to ask you a question. The forum thread to register for the participating in the IPL contest was opened on 6th April and it was opened for members to make their place secure to participate in the contest.That means it was opened till today i.e 16th April,2011. You spotted the forum post only on the 14th. And you can see that those who were participating in the contest daily has no complaint about the contest timing.I think you have posted this forum post because you couldn't have got a chance to give your prediction before the thread was locked. There is plenty of time for predicting as the thread is closed only after 4 PM which gives members around 12 hours for giving their prediction. For most of the threads we get around 12 -15 responses. It means that those members who respond to each fresh contest thread is finding time to give their prediction. So its better for you to find time to be involved in some activities of the site too other than just participating in the prediction contest.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Hello Biju sir,

    Thanks a lot for your response. Sir, it was not a complaint. It was just a suggestion. Yes the reason you suggested was right that I was unable to participate. But sir, it is not only about me. Sir, Most of the persons who are member of spiderkerala or who participate in this beautiful contest being organised by you, have other commitments also, like going to school or college or job or any thing else, or they may have electricity problem as the summer season have just begun.

    Sir, if we keep these contests open for at least 24 hours, members will be able to participate more, because, no matter what the nature of work they are doing it can't be of 24 hours duration. However, the work hours can be from early morning to around 6 or 7 in the evening. Sir, It was just a suggestion and if it sounded like complaint, please forgive me.

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    Suggestions are always welcome but there are some facts which make the thread mostly at my convenient time. Its so because all our editors who support editing here are college students and they are now having exams. So it will be a huge task for me to find a person when I face problem either with computer or with power supply. There are days when I had to travel 8-10 kilometers to find a cafe only to do editing while having problem with the computer. Even there are few threads which have been posted from the cafe. So a lot of pain is being taken in between which I really don't like to share with the members. I just want to keep them happy. And the most important for us to be vigilant especially with the locking of the thread. We have traced few members who have manipulated the predictions both in World Cup contest and here in the IPL too. So every thing should be consolidated in time. Any way don't miss the next prediction contests and also try to bring some good posts according to the need of the site. Go through the resource contests and bring your best.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Thanks Biju sir,

    Thanks a lot for taking my suggestion in good spirit. Yes, I understand, every body has his or her problem. And you being such a busy man have to look after so many things, must have to do everything within time frame. Yes I read that particular thread, where you have mentioned that some thread manipulator has been caught twice.

    Coming back on your second advice about contributing useful posts. I would definitely do that. In fact I have contributed some article on IPL and kochi tuskers. And thanks a lot for being so understanding. Good words from web masters is really a big encouragement.

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    Good thought from Vimal and Good reply from the Webmaster. It is really an understanding between the webmaster and the members that will help Spiderkerala for making the best.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hello Vimal, heads of to you. Inspite of being webmaster of one of Spider site, you are contributing in almost all the spider sites. Really you are the real winner. And Webmaster sir is very correct at his position. Hope I will see you soon in Uttarakhand spider .
    Narender Sharma.
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