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    Sourav Ganguly in Kochi Tuskers Kerala

    According to the latest news, Kochin Tuskers Kerala is eying for former India captain Sourav Ganguly if Mahela leave the team. Kochin Tuskers franchise has announced the same in this week.

    What's your opinion of Sourav Ganguly replacing Jayawardana in this occassion. Will it be good or bad for the debutant Kochin Tuskers Kerala?
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    Hi Lijin,

    No Doubt in the matter that Captaincy of Ganguly will definitely help the Kochi team in the absence of Jayawardhane. It is the Captain who lead the entire team and Jayawardhane did that role in an amazing way. It is his captaincy that lead to the victory of Kochi in last 3 matches. In the first 2 matches too, he warred untill the end. Sourav Ganguly is a very good captain and he is very lucky in the Captain Role since Indian Team tastes many victory under his captaincy. So his comeback wil; definitely help the team in the future matches

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    I dont think replacement of Mahela jayawardene by Sourav ganguly will help kochi tuskers to succeed in this tournament. No doubt Ganguly is a fantastic captain - the role of ganguly in shaping a solid indian line up cannot be ever ignored. But the capability of ganguly in the field and as a batsman is definetly under doubt in recent times. Also the batting department of kochi is comparitively weak. It was not evident in the previous matches because of the effort from jayawardene, muccullum, jadeja and hodge.
    So in my opinion what kochi needs is a batsman not a strong captain.Th e role of captain can be given to muccullum by taking in a much better batsman than ganguly.

    safvan p

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    Yes Safvan, Kochi is in need of a batsman instead of a captain. No doubt about his captaincy as his previous season with Kolkata Knight Riders was amazing. Still we have to rethink of his performance as a T20 batsman. He is good in his test carrier where as t20 experience could never be a satisfactory. Jayawardene cannot be replaced by Dada. But still we have a hope in his batting since he was one of the most experienced player of team India. Lets hope the best.

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    Captaincy of Ganguly will only do good for Kochi team.It is always the best idea to have an experienced hand as a leader for any new mission.Kochi is an infant in the IPL and the team really is in need of someone who has handled cricket seriously inbound and outbound. Ganguly, though not in form now, can do wonders with the young players of our team with his advice and tricks.

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    In a game, there are several factors which make difference to the outcome. It is not only the captaincy nor the batting capability in isolation that works. Just as good captain and batsmen, good fielders, good bowlers are equally important.

    Let us consider the position of the various teams as of now. We will find that in terms of the points achieved by the teams, KKR and Indians have the maximum points of 12 each. Though Indians lost only in 2 matches and the KKR lost in 3, the points are same. The cricket 'god' is the master batsman and is also the captain of the Indians. But still they lost 2 matches. Similarly Royals also lost 3 matches but their points ore only 11. The CSK which has the super captain lost 3 matches and got 10 pints only.

    So what is required is a balanced team and a bit of luck. In spite of Mahela Jayawardene being a very good batsman and good captain, Tuskers lost 5 matches and got 8 points.

    Ganguly has the experience as captain. Since the matches have already gone a long way, Ganguly can be taken as the captain and his strategy may work well for the CTK.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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