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    Want a charming friend?yes,I came,new friend for you

    Hello,I am Jaseena,a new member to this site.I'm a professional student.I am doing my B.Tech.I want to do my best here.I am here to share my views because I thhink this is a good platform to express our views,our skills along with earning money.Above all I want to be your friend.
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    Hello Jaseena,
    warm welcome to SPK.
    SPK is one of the unique website which allows you to earn while you share knowledge to the world.
    You can earn lots of money here by spending 2 to 3 hours daily. The earning opportunity in SPK is mainly divided into three.
    1. Direct earning.
    2. Adsense revenue sharing.
    3. Through various contest.

    1. Direct revenue: In direct revenue SPK will allot you certain revenue for your contribution. The amount of revenue depends up on the quality of the post. You can post in forum section, resource section, jobs, advertisement etc. in this esteemed website. You will be given 5 to 75 rupees according to the quality of your post.
    2. Adsense revenue sharing: SPK will shows Google Adsense in your posts. For this you should have approved Google Adsense account and have to associate your account with SPK. SPK will share you the 90% of revenue acquired from adsense from your posts.
    3. Through contests: You can participate in various contests. The contests are available in forum section. So get updated with forum everyday. Currently running contest is IPL prediction contest.

    Before posting please go through posting guidelines, help topics.

    If you have any doubt post in forum threads and we are happy to help you.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Thank you Nijin.I want your help.I want to know how I can post in resource section.It will be very helpful if you tell me whatever topics I can post.

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    Select articles and take post resource. You can write any articles related to Kerala like tourist places, political situation, current news, Malayalam movie review etc. in resource section. Look at the categories in articles for a complete view.
    Please read "Help topics" before proceeding.

    A small suggestion: You are not leaving space after full stop. Please correct it.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Thank you for your great help as well as for your suggestion. I need one more help from you.It will be great if you tell me how to participate in contests actively. I wold like to another thing that whether we can read any articles posted in here.


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    The current running contest is IPL 4 prediction contest. You have to register in IPL 4 prediction contest. But unfortunately the last date of the contest is over. Webmaster may open this thread after the first round is over. So keep updated in forum regularly.

    There are two active group discussion going on in the forum section. You can participate in these discussions and can be a winner. Look in forums for entering these discussions.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Since I am a beginner I need a help from you. My first post to the resource was unfortunately discarded. The reason was that I posted it twice. Actually it was due to my carelessness. Now I want to know whether I can post the same or another writing on the same topic again.

    I expect your great help.


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    Hi Jaseena,
    No need to worry, we are hear to help you.

    I just looked at your articles. They are: and

    You said that you posted the same resource twice accidentally and because of your carelessness. Every new member had this problem. So don't worry. In your case, one of your article is rejected by the webmaster for the reason 'posted twice'. But the same resource is not rejected and will approve Webmaster soon.

    So go with posting here.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Jaseena, See, Webmaster didn't approve your article yet. I think the article should need some editing by yourself. Normally an article will approve as soon as possible if it is a good resource with proper grammar and spelling and have a good impression at the first look itself. I don't mean that your articles didn't have these factors. But you should obey all the posting guidelines while writing an article. The article you mentioned should have some editing by yourself to get approved by the Webmasters. What is the impression of a reader, at the title, " No End for Chances,INTERNET,your career is safe here ". Even though the idea you want to convince here is a great one, it is not the way as you put it in this title. A proper title, which consolidates all the matters we are going to describe in the article, is a must for a good article. So give a proper title for your resource first. You can look at the below resource for' how to give proper title for your article

    These all are my suggestion and hope you take it in the right way. Summary is the next important part in an article. It clearly describes the all the things you are going to describe in an article in a consolidated way. Look at the below link to know more about writing a good summary.

    Also, try to use search-engine friendly words (keywords) in summary. Be careful to put the keywords since spamming is not good and may cause to reject your article. Don't use special characters such as dots(.....) in summary, use them only if they are a must. In the articles, you can highlight the keywords using bold html tags. Also you can give sub headings to each of your paragraph, with h3 heading tags. Hope you understand what I am trying to told you.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Welcome to SpiderKerala. Before starting contributing here go through few articles and understand what topics our members like to write. If you need more guidance read the following forum threads and place your queries there.
    Shall We Help You

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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