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    How do you feel after being a member of Spiderkerala

    Hi dear members,
    I have been here in Spiderkerala for about two months. And I feel very lucky be a member of SPK(Spiderkerala).Many new members are getting ready to share their knowledge with us. A warm welcome for our new members. Any doubts or issues regarding this site can be cleared in forum section. Happy to inform that our expert members and webmasters are glad to support us at any time.
    This thread is for expressing member's experience and how they feel after being a member of spiderkerala. Please leave some words here so that other members can be inspired from you.
    Try to make full advantage of this site and read all guidelines given by experts.
    Best of Luck Friends.
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    Sai,you did a fantastic job by indirectly saving a forum for spiderkerala!.I had planned to write a self introduction forum as i am a new member to this site.I have been busy with my end semester exams for past two weeks.Its all over now and have left me with almost 'half a clock' for spiderkerala.

    I came here as a referral member of shyan(my colleague and best friend). First day i was not that much impressed of the site - i felt the appearance of the site very dull and was only interested in making some pocket money.That 'go for anything' attitude made me post some 'zero value scrap' about computer programming.But within four days i was excited to see that my article deleted from the site - I fell in love with the site.

    This induced me to roam and explore the site, alongwith i kept participating in IPL prediction contest. I went through almost all the elite members of spk.

    And got the definition for the site -A splendid hybrid stage of intelligence,proficient language and belief.I was amazed by social atmosphere of the site. Roshin kp(a superb member who also find time to interact with the new members of spk), Roshan salim, nijin ashok, raj - spontaneous members who almost updates the spk every day. Highly respected members like Ramanadan sir(who always comes up with good forum responses), vandana , tony sir. Ranjith whom i felt highly active in contest forums. And sai -the only person to call my name in forums. BIJU sir- a fantastic social being and an amazing leader and Anumol-a resource specialist.

    I got least idea how to choose the article for spk ,and succeded in posting two-three articles earning cash credits.And i would to like to contribute more to the site in coming days.I would also like have valuable suggestion and tips from my co-members of spk.

    But still have one complaint about spk-it is regarding the time taken to edit the work of new members.when you take more time it will make them repeat their mistakes until they find their article deleted. A 24 hour editing system( i dont know about it's possibilities) will boost and deliver a lot of new members to the site.

    safvan p

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    Hi Safvan

    I am feeling very happy when you shared your views about SPK here. From your words, it is clear that you thoroughly made a visiting all through the site and got a perfect idea what is going on here. I know you are in a phase , from where to start the posting. I will help you, don't worry. There will be so many topics which are of your interests. Just message me, I am always happy to guide new members.

    Your suggestions are always welcome. Editing of the works is not an easy task, that is I felt form my experience. As you said, a 24-hour editing system is not possible. Please try to understand safvan. We have webmaster and 3 editors. But editors have some limitations to edit the topics. Only webmaster can finally approve the topics. We all are human beings, 24-hours monitoring this site is not at all possible. So we tried our maximum to edit the posts as soon as possible.

    In case of new members, they felt making money, just by posting copied contents will be a good idea and will start posting. That's why we told them that go through New member faq and posting guidelines before posting any thing. it is a tough job to edit all the articles, but, in most cases relevant articles will be edited in time. You told that, the site appearance is a dull, that's true. But even though SPK has dull appearance, it got the right visitors, only because of the quality resources. Users want true quality contents, not good design. Safvan, other suggestions are welcome.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Its good to see your post. You have understand the website very deeply. Now its the time for contribution. If you have free time try to contribute more in resource section. It will increase your revenue.

    Another good revenue opportunity is Google adsense revenue. I don't know you have adsense account. If you have this account associate with SPK because revenue from Google adsense is much greater than the prize awarded directly in SPK.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Dear Members, the thread is intended for expressing members' feelings after joining Spider Kerala. Members can express their experience in SPK so that other members can inspire from your words. So, from now onwards, please try to post only the intended replies. In case, if any members have any doubts, he can post it as a separate forum thread. Webmasters and Editors and Senior Members will answer your doubts. If you have any testimonials about Spider Kerala, you can post it in Testimonials Section and good posts will be rewarded .
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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