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    Harthal in Kerala Against Endosulphan: Discuss

    It is once again Harthal in Kerala against endosulphan strategy taken by the Government of India. The issue will be discussed in Stockholm Convention on 29th April 2011. This regional based harthal in Kerala is a protest against India's stand against the Endosulphan issue. It seems that the government of India is favouring multinational companies rather than giving a kind support for the people of India against the endosulphan disaster.

    But here arises two question: The first one is, Why the Government of India is neglecting the worries of their countrymen? and the second question arises is Will this harthal against Endosulphan change the Stand of India or will this harthal be another useless day in this years calender?

    Shall we discuss about this burning issue? Members, Kindly post your comments!!!
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    Harthals for silly and irrelevant issues that didn't make any use to the countrymen, but only for politics are now very common in our state. They simply waste an important day of us. Some peoples take it as a holiday and will try to maximum enjoy this day. But we can see so many incidents that can make pathetic changes in the life of many persons because of these harthals.

    Even then, I think, today's harthal is meant for a real issue and will make a good impact all over. But here too, political men came with their words arguing that the harthal is for making attraction. I am not supporting any parties, but the protest by our CM is a right one this time. I believe that he did the fasting as a human being and not considering the politics. Today the LDF Government decides to go with the Harthal. I am sure this harthal will get a hot discussion in the National Level and will attract other states.

    I am also very hard to believe that India is against the ban of Endosuphan. How a nation can take such a decision even the people barely affected with this. With this, we can understand the plans of our country , it only consider the growth of the nation, not the growth of its people. Shame

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Kerala was the center of attraction in the international arena due to her extreme support of ban of endosulphan . International representatives made India ashame when asked her to learn from the stand of kerala in this issue. The talk is not about stand taken by anyone - its all about the value and depth in one's decision.I feel even god will fail to explain what is transpiring through minds of Indian leaders when they support endosulphan. After a significant period in kerala ,today's hartal is for a cause. The value for a state's one day activities falls much short of yhe value lives who affected from endosulphan. The day shows the unity from its citizens towards their respected cheif minister VS Achudanandan and government. Lets fight against this deadly until it get banned.( remember the words of sugathakumari teacher-"farmers ,you have the biggest role in protecting mother earth and its organisms from endosulphan".
    safvan p

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    I appreciate and support the protest going on in Kerala against Endosulfan as it is a harmful pesticide. But I cannot agree with the way we are protesting against things. Hartal is one of the common methods of protest in India. The actual meaning of a call for hartal is a call for voluntary closing of workplaces. But now a days it become deliberate and some anti-socials consider it as a chance to destroy the public properties and private properties. All the protests must me peaceful and must not be one which makes difficulties to others. The hartal makes various difficulties to the public and against the freedom of the public. All such protests must be avoided.

    In this issue (Ban on Endosulfan), I don't think a hartal can do something to change the stand of Central Government. From the comment of the Government, it is clear that how powerful is the Endosulfan Mafia in India. They will not allow the Government to take a step against Endosulfan. We have to pressurize the Government to impose a total ban on Endosulfan as early as possible.

    The State government's move to force the Central Government for a total ban on Endosulfan is appreciated. We all know that Endosulfan is banned in our state. Even after imposing a ban the fact is that the state government fails to execute the ban completely. Some news reports which are reported by some visual media proves the failure of Government in this case. The visual medias reported that still endosufan is used for the corps in Kerala by Tamil planters and it is coming from Tamil Nadu. With a mere ban, it will not end up things. The execution of ban is important same as implementation of ban.

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    All political parties either with a tag or not,are having nexus with the makers of this 'death'. The stand which India took in the Stockholm convention is an example of how the real play is going on. The state of kerala had witnessed the harm caused by this pesticide way back from 1970. But not a single government could have taken proper step to ban this 'death'. Now we have to look whether this ban will remain only in paper on not.

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    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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