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    "New members"-Plan & Proceed in Spiderkerala


    This forum is intended to provide help to new members from senior members in Spiderkerala.

    Have you ever attended motivation camps or classes? If you did, you will be familiar with a special 'target game'. I will explain it here - first, you will be asked to draw maximum no 'small stars' within a time constrain which will be counted at the end. Next you will be asked to aim yourself for a particular number of star you think you can complete and repeat the effort. From both the counts you will be amazed to see the difference brought by planning in your simple drawing activity.

    Use the same method to become a successful member in this site. In this forum you post about
    1.Your plans for next week in spiderkerala
    2.The factors which you fear that may restrict you from achieving the goal

    Alongwith the suggestion from senior members process will also help you to convince yourself what to do next in spk.
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    Hello safvan,

    This is a good motivational message. Yes, when you have a goal in mind it motivates you to aspire for it. I have been following a fixed goal at the parent site ISC, which inspires me onwards in my journey.


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    You made a very good effort by initiating this forum topic which will help the new members to plan their activities in SPK and for clearing the doubts which may restrict them to do the same. Senior Members are very happy to give a hand to newbies whom may be tomorrow's twinkling stars. Members can ask queries regarding the posting of resources here. Senior Members will give answers to your queries. As a senior member with little experience, I have to tell something to the new members, that can be taken as a suggestion to your success in Spider Kerala. Some new members joined few days back( I dont want to mention the names) were expressing their views to recent topics, through their replies to the forum posts. We are very happy to give you a platform to discuss your views and we need your participation in the coming days too. But on analyzing the replies, we met with a unique factor that is very hard to find out. All members have real potential to become a good article writer. With no doubt, I am saying that Each of you can excel in this section. So we welcomes you to the world of Articles. As a reference, you can view the articles written by our senior members to get a basic idea. If you need any other help, you can ask it here or can post as a separate thread. You can share the areas you want to contribute, we will give you proper guidance to choose topics, how to write them etc.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Thank you Mr Safvan P for the advise/hint in a nut shell.

    Thank you editor, Mr Roshin K P for your observations for the success of new members. I am a new member joined during Feb, 11. In the beginning I used to post articles without verifying as to where they should be posted. Most of them were in wrong places.

    Then I was doing many experiments in the posts which really might have been a botharation to the web master and editors to go through and suggest correction.

    Thereafter I used to make a practice of going through the questions of other members and the replies of the seniors to the same. Some of my doubts are cleared by these clarifications.

    Then I came across the help sections which give all the details any new member may require. I have benefited from all the above help centers and was able to improve to some extent.

    I thank all the team members involved in the guiding of the new members.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    I am a new member of spk.After joined I was wondering what I have to do in this site.But, it seems your post may gave me a hand in my further proceedings.

    My doubts,

    1.How to make cash credits?
    2.Can I refer any sites as resources while writing an article?

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    Hi Nihal, Welcome to Spider Kerala.

    Yes, you can make Cashf rom the Spider Kerala in many ways. To know about them, read this article.
    How to Make Cash from Spider Kerala

    You can refer other websites to write resources here. But you should only REFER the articles, not copy paste them. You should write them in your own words. You should follow all the posting guidelines here. Let Start your journey here. All the best

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hai nihal nice to see you here. You have pointed out the basic doubts a member may have at first. First of all you leave your worries about cash credits( it do encourage your journey a lot). POst quality resources on the current hot topics of kerala - you can access the quality of your content from the responses of the web administrators. If you good points and some cash credits you can think about posting similar contents. I know that you are having vacation right now - so you are right in choosing spiderkerala as your picnic spot. Posting articles(SPK gives resoursces high priorty)will really help you in this site( after making complete analysis of what is happening here).Even now you can do small small contributions.
    Presently if you visit through the forums you can see that thrissur pooram, reporter tv were the main topic of interest . Now tomorrow is the election rewsults- so if you can do something about Kerala assembly elections it would be very nice.
    OK do one thing come to gmail and msg me let us make our own plans for tomorrow.

    safvan p

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