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    Give a format for IPL prediction contest answers

    Please give a correct format to prediction answers of IPL 4. I came up this thread because of the problems in early entry prize. See the recent prediction contest of Kochi tuskers Kerala vs Delhi dare devils. For getting early entry prize members are not writing the full name of the teams. So these members can write the answers faster than other members. So i request webmaster to provide a good format to write answers for IPL 4 prediction contest.
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    Hi Nijin,
    Your suggestion is very good and has the right matter to point out. It is forwarded to the attention of Webmaster.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    The IPL prediction contest was started mostly for those members who are just visiting the site only for the giving their prediction. We cannot restrict the members to post the correct name of the team as mostly the teams are also known by their short forms also. The early entry prize was also started in view that members have many know what are the questions which are mostly added here. There is a lot of limitation in asking different questions everyday. Even one member if had given kochi or KTK its understood that its about Kochi Tuskers Kerala. So its upto the member to add whether it is Kochi or KTK. And the wise person take the advantage of the early prediction.

    But we will take do consideration of your opinion about the format of answering from the next contest onwards.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Thanks Roshin for your response. First of all congratulation for becoming the editor of SPK.

    I think Biju sir will take right decision about this matter.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Biju sir,
    Thanks for your quick response.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Nijin, As we all know, the prediction contest is really a good game that we never seen in any of the websites. So many prizes and special prizes, more and more chances to win. So it is our duty to compete each other and make the correct answer in right time. Members have to read the Prediction contest thread fully and have to follow all the rules before making predictions. Answers that are not in correct format will not be considered for prizes.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Nijin, since this is a fun contest, we must participate sportingly & not haggle about who is making early entries in what manner. After all, the answers are perfectly legitimate and not deviating from any offical rule as such.

    In fact, I am more bothered about thinking out the possible answers than about whether I can put in an early entry. Of course, to date I've not won a single of the contests, though at times I do manage to get at least one of the questions right, but nevertheless I am enjoying participating.

    Just enjoy & leave it to the Webmasters & Editors to check whether rules are being followed.


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    I am also of the same opinion that - ipl prediction contest is for fun , small 'intellectual errors' can be ignored here. But i have suggestion regarding the criteria to give the early entry prize. Presently it is given to the first predicted member in ktk's match and to first two members in all other matches. Also sharing of prediction winners happened many times. why don't we combine both?
    Early entry prize and shared prediction prize amount to the member who first posted the correct answer. I think it will keep up the quality along with the competitive spirit.

    safvan p

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    Safvan, the early entry price is giving here for members who posted their predictions before any other members. This prize is introduced to increase the competitive spirit of members(and to promote them). Many members have complaints that they didn't win the predictions since it is tough to predict answers to all the questions. That is why we introduced early entry prize. Your suggestion to keep quality along with competitive spirit can be achieved, if the members post their predictions in its right spirit, by following all the rules.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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