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    Happy to News to All: Spread the voice of spiderkerala & Earn Revenue

    Dear Members,
    Since the official launch of in Janaury 1,2010, we have gone past many struggling moment with the united effort from the administration and the active support of members. Now its 2011,the voice of spiderkerala is spreading around the globe. The updated statistics shows that readers from around 215 different countries have made a visit to our site. Getting around 3 lakh new readers every month spiderkerala recently achieved its ever record of more than 33,000 unique visitors.

    We have around 10,000 new readers every day. During these past months we were able to bring good traffic to the site only by the quality of articles and we haven't done any method of advertising or promotion of our site. Most likely our readers are those who visit the site directly by search engines. That means even we are limiting our posts related only to kerala, SPK has taken the role of propagating useful articles which people like to read.

    Many new strategies are adopted by most of the websites either commercial or personal workout methods to bring popularity to the websites. We don't like to become popular using strategies which are not applicable to us. But we can use few strategies which are really intended only to tell the world that spiderkerala is the right place to gather information.

    So our members are given an opportunity to earn while spreading the voice of kerala. Members can use facebook or twitter to spread the voice of spiderkerala. By posting a link of a spiderkerala article in your facebook account or by tweeting a page link of our article is what we expect from our members. For each tweet and posts in facebook, members can earn cash reward.Is is quite interesting? As a trial run this new reward program will be for one month. As effective from May 15,2011 members can spread the voice of spiderkerala.

    In the trial period, only posts related to movies are expected to tweet. The 15 days time limit(May1-May15) is given only for building up much more strong base for our articles related to Malayalam movies.

    Members come up with your comments and queries about this new earning program. Let us unite to spread the name of spiderkerala worldwide.
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    This will be a super Promotional Program for Spider Kerala. From the day of joining here, I am promoting Spider Kerala in some ways. I told about this fantastic site to my friends, but due to time constraint they couldn't join here. But all they, read articles and opined that the site is rich of quality contents. They promote me to write more and more articles.

    Face book and Twitter is now the most popular Social Networking sites. Every one now has a facebook and twitter account. So share our articles in facebook and tweeting them is a fantastic idea. We don't need any extra effort to do it. More than that, we will be rewarded for this promotion. This program must be appreciated for its difference.

    Members, we like to run this program as a trial from May 15 and will focused only on Movie posts. What is your opinion about this program. Share your thoughts and suggestions.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Frankly, I can't understand why there is this over-emphasis on movies at this site. There is much more to a State than films!

    For even the previous MOD program, I saw that the focus was on either cricket or on movies. Surely there are far more important aspects of the State that can be covered.


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    Being a part of SPK for the last 5 months let me tell you some thing more from my observation. Actually what do we all aim at posting articles here?
    1. Get Cash Credits for each post.
    2. Should get good traffic for my post & adsense too.

    So the aim of each member is to tune articles according to the interest of the readers. According to revelation made by the google in charge of India, the most searched keyword in India last year was songs. So it makes sure that common people are interested to know more about movies and movie related posts. We give full freedom from members to post articles related to kerala. But this MoD is for those who are interested to post according to the topic given here. So each day new topics will be given.

    Added to this please don't forget the number of visitors(33,000+) on 25th April only providing about the marriage news of Prithviraj.

    Happy Posting.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    Vandana Mam,

    We know there are so many topics other than movies. But each member have their own interest on specific topics. Members can post any topics. We introduced this Facebook, Twitter Promotional program as a trial one. So we take the advantage of movie posts which are mostly like to get attention of the users.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Webmaster & Editors,

    Please clarify as I am a little confused about this program: I have to post articles related to Malayalam movies in resources section from today till May 15th and only from May 15th onwards I promote the articles by posting the links elsewhere?

    Secondly, is promoting restricted to only Facebook & Twitter? Can I promote through my blogs?


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    Please wait for few hours,the complete information about the MoD will be given today itself in a new forum thread.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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