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    Is IPL simply a commercial publicity stunt ?

    The fourth season of IPL has started off . Matches are going on and there are millions of spectators to view the fate of the swinging and spinning cricket ball . But the question of the hour is that , is IPL simply a money making machine ?

    Has it ever help in the betterment of the talent of a cricketer . Or is it just a commercial dress given to a new a fast cricket format ?

    Discuss ....
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    Definetly not. I admit that IPL is a more commercial form of cricket. Here cricket is embeded inside lots of glamour. Truth is that a true cricket lover sees only the destructive form of cricket played in the IPL wheras other see it as a pure commercial stunt. Let money flow behind and after it - just see whether IPL is providing cricketing action or not.
    Apart from that plenty of new young indian players can find a way to indian national team by some remarkable performances in ipl. Look how Paul Valthaty have shown his character in this tournament.IPL also act as a stage of international interaction - thinking in india's point of view, just take he example of ishant sharma who seems to be highly benefited from world's best fast bowler dale steyn.
    The role of IPL in India's recent world cup cannot be ignored. Knowledge about the best players in world had made indians to act accordingly ( It works in opposite way also even then Indian players are benefited more ).
    Try to see the cricket in IPL - You will enjoy it.

    safvan p

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    IPL is not started as a commercial publicity stunt. It is an Off shoot of a clash between the BCCI and the ICC on the one hand and an organisation Indian Cricket League - ICL formed to conduct twenty 20 matches in India. The ICL was founded during 2007 by Zee Entertainment Enterprises, a member company of Essel Group of Subhash Chandra, a private Enterprise.

    Its Board consisted among others Tony Greig, Dean Jones and Kiran More. Kapil Dev Ramlal Nikhanj (Kapil Dev)was the chairman. The ICL was initially to comprise six teams playing twenty 20 cricket with plan to increase the number of teams. It also had plans to start 50-over matches.

    Since it was an unofficial organisation, the national cricket boards warned their players from taking part in the matches of ICL. Because of this most of the players who were part of the 1st season of matches were retired international players. In this 6 teams played in 3 stadiums in India. The 2nd season in 2008 had 8 teams playing in more venues.

    The BCCI took the ICL as challenge to it and tried to dissuade Kiran More and Kapil Dev.They pointed out to Kapil that his presence in ICL will have conflict of interest as Kapil was the Chairman of National Cricket Academy owned by BCCI. BCCI removed Kapil from NCA and threatened players playing for ICL. Side by side they incresed the payments to the players of their team and other facilities were introduced.

    The BCCI started its own international Twenty20 league under the name Indian Premier League in April 2008.

    The ICL petitioned to Delhi High Court and the Monopolies and Restrictive Trade Practices Commission of India in 2007.The Delhi HC ruled in favour of ICL.

    However the BCCI introduced several incentives to its IPL players and increased the remuneration many fold. They gave tremendous publicity to the activites of the I P L. They introduced the glamour girls from the film and other similar industries as cheer leaders during the plays. They got the full publicity of the media. All these adversely affected the I C L and ICL had to fold its shop.

    Since there is huge money involved in auction, salaries, franchises, commercials, broadcast rights etc it is getting more and more commercial and glamourised and corrupt. If it continues like this it will become worse than the CWG and will out beat horse race and stock markets as a channel of betting and match fixing.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It cannot be said that the IPL League is only a money making machine. Yes, a lot of money is involved in it and all the players are earning immensely from it. But there are many other positive outcomes also from the programme. So many new Indian cricketers like Paul Valthaty, Ambati Rayudu etc are given a platform to show their mettle and thus be eligible to be part of the Indian team in the international matches. IPL is also a completely commercialised programme. But that is because the people of India are so crazy about cricket. The stadiums of each team in their home state is always crowded. Cricket fanatics will never tire to spend the money and watch the match no matter how expensive it might be.

    Another matter is that IPL has brought a lot of recognition to India in the field of cricket. There are so many other countries who want programmes like the IPL to be introduced in their countries too. It could be for the money or the commercialisation. If such programmes are brought to many other sports in India such as hockey, football etc, it will help new players to improvise and maybe end up playing for their country in the international level. The only reason why this is not done is because the number of fans for the other sports in India is less so it is a big risk to stake a lot of money for other sports. But all this commercialisation should not end up in match fixing as that will tarnish the reputation of IPL completely.

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    I do agree that IPL is a money making machine, both for the players as well as the management but still has some merrits added to it.
    It is popular among the local people who can cheer up for their state team and greet them in their style.The IPL also saw the rise of many talented youth particularly frm the same region who could do well in national and international tournaments.It also boomed up the participation of bollywood superstars into cricket and became an integral part in them. Overall, it is like a fully loaded masala game that can attract anyone.

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