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    Is Osama Bin Laden's death the end of Al Qaeda ?

    Finally the king of terrorism has come down . His day has come and he died in the hands of the NATO drone attacks . Barack Obama officially declared his death and gave out photos of his dead body .

    Does his death give us any signs of the end of Al Qaeda and the so called Jihad terrorism ?

    This is a topic that is indeed of great importance to our nation and our state , owing to the large recruitments taking place to the various terrorist organisations , all working by misunderstanding quran .

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    It is observed that the death of Osama Bin Laden, will not be the end of the terorism. In a short span of time Laden could make a good network of terrorist groups all over the world. Mr. Zawahiri, who is one of the top leaders of Al-qaeda is said to be the succeeder of Laden and take over the leadership..

    Ayman Muhammad Rabaie al-Zawahiri was born on 1951 to a prominent family in Egypt. His father was a Chemistry professor. He was a qualified doctor and has a deep knowledge in Ismamic theology. He was the leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad and merged the Egyptian Islamic Jihad to Al-qaeda in 1998.

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    The killing of Osama Bib Laden has removed one face and one head of the scourge of terrorism. Of course, Osama was the head of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda. But it is not only Osama who work for the outfit but there are many others in the organisation who are working in unison and dedication to further the project of Al Qaeda and other similar organisations working in close co-operation.

    Any terror groups will have enormous resources of money and volunteers, with them as is evident even in case of our Maoists, LTTE etc. There are several interested institutions, individuals to finance and support in all respects to support the terror groups.

    The death of Osama is not going to be the end of terrorism. It is only a temporary pause for them to come back with redouble vigour. The very fact that the Pakistan Government is supporting Al Qaeda and other similar terror groups, by allowing the leaders to hide in their territory, in spite of pretending to be close to America is evidence of the extent of support the groups get.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    In my view, i dont think that the incident of Osama's death will end Al Qaeda or terrorism. It is true that the leader and the mastermind of the group has died but unfortunately terrorism is not something which can be stopped so easily with the killing of one person. When one person goes, another will come as the leader. We cannot say how the death of Osama is going to affect US and other parts of the world.

    The people of US themselves are predicting some sort of revenge from the other members of Al Qaeda. The way everyone is rejoicing in the death of their leader, this might agitate them and they might hit back very hard. Let's hope that this does not happen. But surely this is not the end of terrorism. It is not so easy to kill the evil in this world. Just like Mr Ramanathan said, Pakistan also seems to be helping the group in its terrorist activities. If not, then how could they not know that Osama bin laden was staying just near the Pakistan military academy? With this kind of support, Al Qaeda can still do anything. All we can do is pray that more masterminds like Osama are not born to create havoc in the society.

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    Hello Dear Shyan,
    I think that Osama Bin Laden's death is not the end of Al Qaeda. There are many members like Osama Bin Laden in Al Qaeda. These terrorists are so much dangerous like Osama Bin Laden. But there is a chance to destroy the Al Qaeda due to the death of Osama Bin Laden other wise This Al Qaeda group can make harm to different- different countries.

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