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    My Journey in Spider Kerala- A short picture of Earning through Adsense

    Hi My dear Friends,

    As, this is one of my most memorable moment in my life, I am very happy to share my experience with Spider Kerala here.
    I joined Spider Kerala in December 2010. For the first month, I am not so active here. I didn't know actually what is happening here. For that one month, I made a study of the whole site, try to contact members through forum posts and asked my doubts. They were very supportive and I really like this site. That time, I didn't have an adsense account. I am very eager to apply for the adsense, and my application is rejected. But we all know, Hard Work is the key before success. Through the help of Roshan Salim, Biju Sir and Lijin( they are really an asset to SPK), I wrote some articles, they point out the mistakes and help me to improve my writing. There were 2 more months gone. At the first of March Month, I again applied for the Adsense. This time, I got my Adsense Account. I associate my adsense account with Spider Kerala on march 7. From then on , I am surprised to see the working of Adsense and Spider Kerala, it is amazing.

    Today I am very happy to share this glad news to all my friends. It will be a most memorable moment in my life. Friends, My adsense earning is now crossed 100 dollar. It is only because of Spider Kerala, I got this much earning. Eventhough I am active in many other spider sites and blogs, 90% of this adsense earning is from Spider Kerala. Now, I am getting 2-3 $ per day. Once, I got 11$ in a single day. I am usually try to coming with quality contents and current hot topics. I am very interest to write movie reviews and film related posts.

    All the members will have their own interests on specific topics. Spider Kerala is rich in different sections and you can choose topics that are interested to you. But it is better to contribute in different topics. Diversity is always good. I am a software professional and I am enjoying working in Spiderkerala as a part time job and for pocket money. I am usually try to post in my leisure time. Even then, I got this earning. So, you can believe Spider Kerala, it is a trusted website. Besides Adsense Earning, I also got more than Rs.4000/- as cash credits up to now.

    Now, I also became the editor of Spider Kerala, this is also a good moment in my life. One more thing, it is not only me, there are also many members here have adsense account, they are earning more than me, I am sure. Hope they will also share their experiences here. To some of you, this achievement may be a silly thing, but to me, it is really the result of my handwork.

    I believe my thoughts and experiences will help those members who really have no idea about adsense. They would like to know many facts like, how much, the members earning from adsense ? How much, Members earning from cash credits? Is there any other earnings exist than adsense and cash credits ? You can refer this post to clear your doubts.

    How to make Money from Spider Kerala

    Thanks to all my dear SPK friends for the support given to me. A special thanks is there for Biju Sir, Roshan Salim and Lijin to motivate me and guide me for this achievement.
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    Hai roshin,
    I am really boosted to see a nice picture of ad sense earning through this forum. From a man with a rejected ad sense to the editor of spiderkerala. As you said that is difference what hard work can bring about.Now I am a gold member of SPK and is planning to apply for ad sense. Hope it will make a lot of difference to my earning in the site.I would like to see more senior members coming forward to share their adsense experience.
    Best wishes.

    safvan p

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    Hai Roshin,

    Nice to see your words here! This will certainly be a motivation to all the members in SPK! Keep posting these types of inspiring articles which is helpful for all the members here! It is the top secret that good members and contributers are the key for the development of a site! That we have shown here! It is also nice to hear that the members are rewarded well from the site and also from adsense too! So dear members keep contributing here earn more and learn more!!

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    Hello roshin.
    Today i got a fantastic news from google showing the approval of my google adsense. It is quite coincidental that in my case something similar happened. My application was rejected earlier(that i had done alone with reference to a selfwork), But yesterday i thought of giving the application via spiderkerala. So first i made the profile page colourful by adding few sentences about me and putting some links to some of my works in the site. Followed the instructions under the tab 'manage adsense account'. And with the speed comparable to that of editing in spiderkerala(credits to you) they approved the account!. I am extremely thankful to you for your assistance.
    I think i have nothing more to do with adsense account. Roshin please help me to make this association with Google more successful. What all should i keep in mind to maintain the account.
    @new members, see the power of the site. I started with spiderkerala just two months and they have gifted me with an adsense account. If you have skill to spend few hours a day with knowledge and language-- this world is all yours.
    thanks once again.

    safvan p

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    Hi Safvan,
    Very happy to hear this great news from you. This is actually what I am trying to say althrough the site. BELIEVE IN YOU! AND IN SPIDER KERALA! Congrats for getting the adsense account approved through Spider Kerala. Now you are a great member of the Google Adsense Networking. Because your application is approved through Spider Kerala, the settings are already OK. Now, your articles are ready for adsense. To keep your adsense account safe, don't post reproduced contents. I am sure you have a good knowledge of the rules and policies of Google Adsense, so go with your posts. You can also associate your adsense account with other sister sites of SPK or for your own blogs or websites. What I have to say to you that try to come with articles that are fresh and unique in its content. You must prepare your articles with some optimization techniques (SEO). Otherwise, Google will not see your articles(will not come under seraches) and you won't get any earning. In starting, you will not get any clicks or traffic to your pages. You will experience the power of SPK within few days. All the Very best to you Safvan. I am not able to post a brief reply now. Thanks for your compliments in editing. Actually, it is a joint effort of the editors and the Webmaster of SPK.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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