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    Is the Kerala election Results following a vicious circle?

    For the past few years it is seen that the results in Kerala Assembly Elections are just following a vicious circle. If it s LDF who rules this time, next time they are thrown out and UDF comes into action. Again, after next election it is LDF again! This has become a pathetic tradition.The people of Kerala are top in literacy and is high in all kind of living methodologies.Then why is it that we just go to the polling booths on the Election day and just cast the vote without even knowing what that person can do for that constituency and come back with a mark on the finger- just to show that you have voted! Isnt it that we must vote for the right person who can work for the people and can really do something in upbringing the life standards?? Its time to rethink. What do you say??
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    According to me Kerala elections are not following any vicious circle. The people of Kerala or for that matter of any place has to select only from the available persons who contest. Therefore, it is better to elect a person from an organisation instead of the unorganised independent individual.

    An individual contesting the election as an independent is because he is not able to come up in an organisation and he do not want to be under any discipline of an organisation. Is it in any body's interest to elect one who is indiscipline? Apart from the individuals and fragmented parties what is the alternative available to us?

    At present we have only the UDF and LDF. Which ever of these 2 comes to power there is not much to be done as the daily activities of the Government is taken care of by the officials. However there should be a legislative authority to pass the acts and supervise the functioning of the Government. If we are to elect the same group continuously, there might be a tendency for them to take us for granted.

    Hence in the present circumstances there is nothing wrong in selecting the 2 groups by rotation.

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    What happens in Kerala every time is just a test. If one feels that the other group is better, he will opt for that. The two major groups in Kerala have almost equal chances to come to power. The timely attitude of a selected group finally decides who should come up this time. This group is not very large in size. However they can decide to which side the wind should flow. This groups decisions are generally based on the performances of the present group in power. This is referred generally as the incumbency factor. This time this factor is almost nil, except among the politically biased sections. Hence, there is possibility of repeating success by the present incumbents. Anyway, we need wait for two more days.
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    The despair of the voters is often seen from this fact . In Kerala it turns out to be a 'two party system' with a rotation (which is the trend ) . That trend may change this time .

    But when it comes to voting sometimes we have to look into the past activities of the candidates and then vote . We may not look into the fact that whether they are in this party or that . Most Keralites will think about their personal benefits . If one feels that his salary may increase , or he can obtian an out of time promotion , or that his children will get more mraks and perhaps pass , if one party comes to power , he will go for it .

    Personal interests and realtions do influence some of the votes .

    But then the majority often take it as a test or to teach a lesson to the present government and opt for the other

    In Kerala there is no chance for a third front in the present scenario .

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