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    Member of the Day(MoD) Award Program is Active-Win Rs 100 each day

    Dear Members,
    As per our early announcement regarding the extended MoD program, members can concentrate on few given topics to be a part of the MoD Award Program. This time the award has been extended to Rs 100.
    We like to start this award program from 6-5-2011(friday). Members can post articles on the given topic to be eligible for the Member of the Day (MoD) award program.

    Topics for MoD on 6-5-2011

    Endosulfan and Kerala

    Members can bring good articles on the given topic Endosulfan. Bring articles on Endosufan related to kerala.

    Areas to concentrate

    Use of Endosulfan in Kerala
    • Problems created by Endosulfan in Kasarkod
    • Steps taken by the Government to help the endosulfan victims
    • Endosulfan and Kerala
    • Protest against endosulfan usage in Kerala
    There are sample topics. Few more will be updated.

    Topics for MoD on 7-5-2011

    Profile of Kochi Tuskers Kerala Players

    Write profile on the players of Kochi Tuskers Kerala

    Topic for MoD from 08-05-2011-31-05-2011

    • Profile of candidates for Kerala Assembly Election 2011
    • Malayalam Movies

    The total points to be secured to be eligible for the MoD program is 75 points from the articles related to the given topic. The article should be posted with in 24 hours. That means we would set a count down clock here to make members aware of the available time left for submission.

    Members come forward with your queries, questions or doubts regarding this award program. We have given two days time to clear-off all doubts regarding MoD program.
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    Hi Webmaster,
    The return of Member of the Day program is really motivate the members to earn more cash credits and points. Thanks to increase the price of MoD to Rs.100. It is also a great idea to decrease the points to 75(earlier it was 100). This will surely bring more and more quality articles from our members.
    Dear SPK Friends,
    The MoD program is to find the real writer in you, so come with good posts. New members can also participate in this contest. But they should strictly follow the posting guidelines in Spider Kerala. If there is any query regarding this MoD program, please feel free to ask here. As we are planning to start this program from 6th May, it is very important to clear all your doubts.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    I was eagerly waiting for the announcement for mod in spk from first of this month . Till now spiderkerala was a fantastic experience for me. Hope mod too offer something special. I think this reward program will equip the site with more recent topics and bringout more active members in the site. Also it will help new members to put their starting troubles. Best wishes for mod.
    I have following doubts regarding the program.
    1.Recently my approved article on paul valthaty was deleted after it's approval quoting to write about kerala contents. So when we write the profile's for Kochi Tusker's should we go for only kerala players of kochitusker's.
    2.Eventhough i post something on 4th of may it show's that i posted the article on 3rd of may .I would be pleased to know when a active day begin at SPK?
    3.As a member can also post articles other than contest topics. Should we submit link to the mod articles for the contest anywhere in spk?

    Let mod make more 'gold's in spk!

    safvan p

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    Yes, MoD will definitely boost the new members to cshow their talent and surely equips SPK with recent topics.

    Due to some reasons, we delete your Article about Paul Valthalty, sorry for the inconvenience. Since this is a website for Kerala related topics, we prefer posts related to Kerala. Earlier, we also approved other topics, but recently there is a restrcition made to post only Kerala related topics. So members should post only resources which deals with our state. But there is no restriction to post Profiles of players of KTK. You can post profiles of all players of Kochi Tuskers Kerala.

    You can post resources specially for MoD in a separate forum thread that will be available from the starting day of the moD program. There will be a timer on the thread which shows the count down time for posting the articles for MoD. We will specify the end time and the thread will be locked after the specified time.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    I have one query:

    The articles related to the specific topic should be posted on that specific day only? For example, profiles of KTK players to be posted on 7th May only so as to be eligible for the MOD award for that day?

    Secondly, as I mentioned in another thread, there will be a lot of duplicate content since many members will write on, for example, KTK player profiles. It is important to avoid such duplication of contents in view of the new Google algorithm & policies. Similarly, members have already posted information on some of the candidates so others should not post about the same candidates.

    Thirdly, it makes no sense to have members contributing posts on candidates for the Kerala Assembly Elections after the results are declared. So the last date should not be 31st May for this topic, but should be brought forward to the date of the results.


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    You can post profiles of KTK any day other than 7th May. But the points from articles posted on 7th May, only considered for the declaration of MoD for 7th May.

    Thanks for your suggestion. In light of New Algorithm from Google, there are so many assumptions exists and the doubts are not cleared yet. There is no need to worry, if members come with articles on the same topic. It will not be affcted since we are given many different subtopics to write on a specific topic. In case of Profiles of Candidates, we will implement a new system to avoid duplicate posts. Members can post according to this system. The details will be announced shortly. Coming to your third suggestion, please think what will the people do, after the candidates are selected for each constituency? We prefer the profiles of Candidates who have more chance to win. It is not possible to post the profiles for each those candidates in a short period. That's is why we given the last date to 31st May. The MoD will consider movie posts along with the profiles of candidates in the period of 8-31st May.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hai Webmaster,

    Am going to be a participant for the current contest MoD. Going through the above posts its clear that this contest was going on earlier and hope it be a success in all aspects each time.

    With regards,


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