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    Happy Mothers Day to All Spider Kerala Friends- Dedicate Something special to your mother

    Dear My Friends,

    This year Mothers day is coming on 8th May 2011. Usually, it is second Sunday in May ,we celebrate Mothers Day. In this occasion, I wish a very happy and memorable Mothers Day to all my Spider Kerala Friends. There are several beliefs exist related to Mothers Day. Many countries celebrate this day with in different dates. Many of them have their own reasons for celebrate this day. In India, U.S and some other countries, Mothers day is usually second Sunday of May. We can consider this day to be a real dedicated day to your beloved mother. Where you can find the love and care which got from your mother elsewhere ? Did you give anything to your mother specially in your life? I am planning to dedicate this day to my mother by offering some thing special that would be a real surprise to her. What is your plan ? Do you agree with the celebration of this day? Is it really needed ? Is there any facts to be considered in the present world while celebrating Mothers day?
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    Happy Mother's day to you and to everyone else in SPK from my side too. Basically there is no need for such a day to show your love to your mother. She has done so much for you that you should show your love to her each and every second in a year. I am myself a mother now and so i am also going through the beautiful moments as well as the difficulties of it. And most importantly, the way to show love to your mother is not by buying her lots of gifts on that day. If you are staying away from her, then the best gift you can give is to visit her and spend a lot of time explicitly for her. There is no other gift which can bring her more happiness than this. Gifts are just material (they fade or get erased with time) but such memories are the ones your mother will cherise. Believe me, a mother's job is not at all easy. I realised this only now when i'm going through the phase. There is so much anxiety for the children regarding their health, studies and basic character. When the child does something wrong, the mother scold or even beats him when it goes out of hand. But you have no idea how bad a mother feels to beat her child and she cannot stand it if anyone else other than she does it to the child.

    So please friends, take this opportunity to share your time with your mother. Another good gift you can give her, if she is doing all the work around the house herself is that you tell her to take rest for the whole day and you will take care of all the house hold chores. Everyone else gets a holiday from work and studies but a mother never gets a holiday from her housework. As soon as a woman becomes a mother, she never gets time for herself. This is the right opportunity to let her rest or give more attention to her own hobbies and interests.

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    Hi Lakshmi, Personally, I fully agree with you. There is no need to such a day to express your love to your mother. It is not by giving gifts, we have to show the love to them. In my case, I am planning to offer some thing special to her. It is not by giving gifts, I don't want to tell it here because it is my personal matter. Many persons who are very busy with their job can make a visit to their home. They can spend the whole day with their mother or many many such things which make your mother happy. I have to say one thing , until you are a mother(in case of us, no way to become a mother), you can't understand the feelings of her, her worries about her child. We are here in SPK, all members are of different ages, so all might have different standings in this case. I specially wish you a Happy life as a mother and as a teacher for your child.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    I too agree with you . Our mothers are our god . We should respect them and be ready to do anythign for them . This day is not a time to remember our mother and make long speeches about their sacrifices and importance . The fast and global life led by the new generation gives very little time to follow intimate relations and psend time to speak out our worries . Thats why relations are not finding much mileage in this new millenia .

    If anyone is staying away from your mother , find time sometime to go to her and ask about her worries . Solve them and see to it that you can make her satisfied atleast for a moment . Do not wait for this day to go to her . Our mothers have spent time with us , forgetting their interests and many other issues .

    We should think whether we will sacrifice so much for any other person in our life . Chances are very low . So dedicate your life for your parents .

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    Hello friends,
    Wish you all Happy Mother's Day from my side. I think that we should give thanks to our parents daily due to they have done a lot things for us in our life.

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