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    IPL prediction contest will be inactive till another announcement

    Dear Members,

    SpiderKerala is running with the contribution in resources and forum discussion from the part of active members. Even as a regional site spiderkerala is now able to bring around 12,000 readers a day.

    The IPL prediction contest was started just as a continuation of the world cup prediction contest. As many of then enjoyed the world cup prediction contest as we had the biggest cash reward ever given in spiderkerala(Rs 1000 for the WC final). So we had started the IPL contest just as a part of the activities in spiderkerala. Each day we take as much pain to move forward with this contest.
    But one strange thing related to this contest is that few are pulling forum threads or forwarding message to express few things pointing as the error from the part of judgement from us. Before rewarding cash or prize,few rounds of verification is done here as me personally spend 12-14 hours a day only for the works in spiderkerala and other sites in the network.

    Even seeing not a single article posted from few members, the IPL contest was running only to make the contest more active. By running the contest SPK is not earning a single penny but we were happy to see the participation of the members.

    Even today we were all set to have the Election prediction contest. This too was also planned with out bringing pain to the members with giving the whole list of the list of the entire candidates(around 900+). But as few members are pointing towards us about the judgement, the IPL contest will be inactive for few days, untill we receive some positive response from the members who are participating in the contest.

    As the declaration of the election result are just 7 days away, we need response from the members whether there a need of an election prediction contest in spiderkerala. Members are free to express their views on both the contests but added to this don't use this forum thread to have personal attack on any members.
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    For recent days we are seeing many members coming here only to participate in the contest. SPK is not a contest website. It is a website for giving knowledge about anything related to Kerala. So members please participate in other sections and try to understand that other sections will give you more revenue compared to revenue earned from contest.

    If webmaster wish to start the contest again please change the participation eligibility such that contest bring some articles to SpiderKerala.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    This is extremely disappointing. I was having a good time taking part in the IPL prediction contest & cannot understand what exactly members are saying about "judgement errors". What errors?

    The contest gives us some diversion from other work & it was a fun activity. I do so hope you revive it!


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    IPL Prediction contests in spiderkerala were a dynamic forums probably from the day it was started. It gave a unique oppurtunity to the members to spend some time in spiderkerala to use our 'cricket Knowledge' to have some fun. Complaints from some members are happening may be because of their high intensity of interest in the contest. I understand how the administers of the site would be feeling when they receive complaints about the contest even after they spend lot of their valuable time for the same. Regarding the continuation of the prediction program, decision is all yours - Personally i will be very happy to see the contest back.
    safvan p

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    This news is definitely disturbing because IPL contests are supposed to be taken lightly. They are meant only for a little bit of fun in between the seriousness of posting good articles. It is also a good way to test our understanding of cricket (for those who are really good at analysing and then making predictions) and also a way to test our luck (for those who predict based on their intuition). So in this regard, i would say that it is quite unfortunate that just because few members have problems, all the others also have to bear the brunt of it. I think it's upto the webmaster whether he wants to continue the contests or not. Only he knows how bad he must have felt after seeing posts regarding their judgement. Personally i would also wish to see the contest back in SPK.

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    Hello Biju Sir,
    It is the sad news for those who want to paticipitate in this IPL prediction contest. If this contest is closed due to my forum thread then I am very sorry. Please do not close it for my forum thread, You can dismiss my registration in this contest.

    The url of my My Forum thread

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    Hello Biju sir

    This is very sad news for us. ipl is now going to be on semi finals.we are expect some good competition from the coming ipl last matches. But this news very disappointed us. If we are thinking from webmasters part his decision is right because,Some members are here only to participating contest.They doesn't give any contribution (Articles) to the site.
    Election results are coming on this friday. so we think after election result our webmaster will surely active the ipl contest.

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    Dear Biju Sir,
    Sir you have not given me the solution of my problem. My humble request to you for giving the reason for giving only me -20 points in IPL prediction contest(URl is=

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