Annual Mother's Day celebration

Maatha, pitha guru deivam. This is what is taught to me in the child hood. The most important 4 centers are the mother, father, teacher and god. That shows the place of mother in one's life. Even god the almighty comes only after mother. If mother is not there, we are not there. During pregnancy and in our childhood, she gives more importance and priority to us than herself. No force on earth can equal to mother. Rudyard Kipling said that 'god could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers. The mothers know what is best for her child and proceed accordingly. For every person, the maximum guidance, protection and care is given by the mother.

It will not be possible to mention about the role of mother in words. The mother is beyond all words. It is an epitome of love, care and concern about the child. Instead of remembering yearly once, we should remember her everyday from the time we get up from sleep till we go back to sleep.

Happy mother's day.