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    Petrol price hike, again ?

    As soon as the results of the general elections in five states are out, the Central Government have come out with a very hard blow to the public by increasing the price of petrol. Within this week itself the prices of Diesel and Cooking gas also will be revised upwards !!
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    Fuel prices are going up always since the decontrol of it . In the pas nine months the prices has gone up to an extent of Rs 20 and still the momentum is to go up . The price has gone up by Rs 6.50 and the companies say that within some days the price is bound to go up again .

    This is surely going to shoot up the prices of everything as the price of diesel is also going up .

    The oil companies have surely taken up the chance to see to it that they dont face any loss in their production and the central government is happy that it is getting heavy taxes owing to the rising prices .

    Is this price hike indeed required ?

    It is said that the other expenses of the oil companies such as the luxury and guest handling etc. are very high . If the companies concentrate more on production nad less on other things the price can be kept low . The central government which should be advising them about this , instead gave them the helm of all the affairs . Why should such a basic thing like petrol require advertising ?

    The companies should not spend anything off the limits , then they will see how well they can tame the prices .

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    Hello Dear Sir T.M.Sankaran,
    I am satisfied with you. I think it is the case of Politics that after the finishing of election period, they have at once incresed the price of Petrol. It is not good for the general public. It is right that Now it is the time to increase the prices of Diesel and Cooking gas also.

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    The increase of petrol price is very hard for the people. We are already reeling under the price rise of essential commodities. The middlemen are having a harvest of profit both ways i e by cutting the prise to the producers and jacking up on any pretext and getting it from the consumers.

    If the price of petrol only, it may not affect us much.On the contrary it will indirectly a good thing. If we go to any place even a small town we will find traffic jams. The number of vehicles being introduced on the roads everywhere is alarming. The increase in petrol price my slightly reduce the rate of increase in petrol vehicles.

    If the cost of diesel is increased it will affect the majority as the public transport cost will go up and the commodity prices will go up as the transportation cost will go up and the same will be passed on to us. The maximum effect will on the middle class who are employees who cannot hide their income like the professionals and have to pay the income tax also.

    The Government's argument is that the oil companies are on loss because of the subsidy of the oil prices. The Government at least can remove the tax on such item. The tax on petroleum products is around 25%. They may tax 5% and remove the 20% so that part of the increase in price is cushioned.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    The increase in price of diesel will certainly effect the middle class families of Kerala. As the government does not have any control over this issue, now it is time for us to think of a solution. Could we take some effective measure to counter this issue so far?. What action we took so far. Whenever there were a hike, we had been celebrating it with a "Hartal" at the most. Instead of declaring such "hartal" and "bandh", if we (our rulers), initiated some firm steps towards increasing the domestic production of essential commodities, at least, the coming generation will not fear such price hikes.


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    People of Kochi are planning another 'bus day' soon as a means for reducing the petrol consumption. This was done a few months back. It is likely to be repeated every month, depending on the response from the public. 'Bus day' is for encouraging the journey by bus and reducing the use of private vehicles. Popular transports are to be encouraged in order to reduce the number of private vehicles. This will reduce the consumption of fuel and also help reducing the traffic in the city.
    Gold Member, SPK

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