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    Do you think the new government lead by Oomenchandy will complete 5 years?

    The new government is going to be sworn on Wednesday. According to the present political situations, it is difficult to UDF government to survive 5 years with the ministry( The ministry will have initially 20 members including Chandy) going to be sworn. What do you think ?

    Akhil Krishnan G(AKG)
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    You have selected a good topic on current affairs.

    Now the new Government is sworn in with the 1st installment of minsters. To opine whether the ministry will last 5 years or not will be like gossiping. Only time will tell whether the team will complete their term or not.

    There are several instances where minority Governments have fallen before term and also completed the full term. In Kerala itself the 1st LDF Government of 1957 was having good majority, but fell after about 2 years, in spite of majority and complete unity among the ruling MLA s.

    At that time, there were several organisations who wanted to topple the first ever elected Communist Government in the whole world. They joined together under the banner of Liberation Movement under the leadership of late Pattom Thanu Pillai. Left to themselves, the Government would not have fallen. But the Central Government took advantage of the situation and dismissed the Government. After that the Same Thanu Pillai with is 16 member party came to power with out side support but could not complete the term. That is in Kerala.

    Outside Kerala, we have the example of the P V Narasiharao and Vajpayee minority Governments completing 5 years terms. We are also having the examples of Chandrasekhar, V P Singh, Deve Gowda, Charan Singh etc falling shortly after taking charge. The UPA 1 was a minority Government when the left deserted them, but they completed the term. The present UPA is also strictly a minority Government enjoying majority support in Parliament till now.

    Now coming to the Oommen Chandy Government, let us hope and pray that they complete the full term for the benefit of the State to avoid an unnecessary mid term election. Till now the going is good. In such situations there will be open bickering, belligerence, pressurising and even blackmailing going on in the fronts and the media will be working overtime in predicting doomsday. But no such thing has come out, even if it is there internally. That is a good sign.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    In Kerala, one cannot predict about the future of a government. Majority of the Parties are not interested in the development of the State. Their interest is always related to the existence of the party. Let us hope this will not happen this time, since the majority is thin.
    Gold Member, SPK

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