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    Moral OF Kerala Election Results

    The moral of Kerala Election Result: Both minority community (christian and muslims) they tend to rule kerala. Where is the voice of 55% community. Is this the time to Join Hindus and ask for our rights.. Be a factor and show their majority.. When the 20% community give 20 seats means, they are integrated and joined by the name of god at the far most. Come and be a factor. I am not telling anybody to join BJP. I am telling all hindus to know where they all get cheated. Make the politics to know hindu power, while the others are already the masters in it. Why you people pretend as communist and loose your existence when the other earning power to rule with the same power. Be a HINDU and tell it loudly. Here onwards HINDUS also will be a FACTOR.
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    We are taught in the schools that union is strength. Of course it is not the trade union. The unity of people. Unfortunately, we are divided, divided, divided on and on and are g=fragmented on so many counts. Hence it will be difficult for us to come together. So actually we are not 55% but only a very small percent in effect. As to the minority communities unity, it is to some extent inherent in their being in minority which brings some insecurity. To compensate the feeling of insecurity, they automatically united.

    If we go through the history of our state of our country, we can easily find that though we are huge in numbers, a small number of outsiders are able to fight, defeat and conquers us and make us their slaves. It is only because of our disunity.

    The same continues even now. I have not visited any foreign country. But from whatever I have read and understood, if others are asked about their country, they will say USA, China, England etc. If any Indian is asked, we will tell that we are keralite, tamilian, Marathi, Gujarati etc and no Indian can be seen. It just percolates from the national level to the state level. That is all.

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    Ramanathan A R

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