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    Is SALIM KUMAR deserve this AWARD!!!!!! BHARATH

    As in news Salim Kumar wins national award for his performances in adaminte makan abu, an art film, i really want to ask all that and make a discussion that, is he really deserve it, what might be the responses of our great artists like MOHANLAL, MAMMOOTY, DILEEP, SURESH GOPI, NEDUMUDI VENU, THILAKAN etc
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    Salim is a versatile actor. Though he has acted mainly in comedy roles, he has acted in few other roles like mad man, dada etc. In all the roles he played, he was sincere and has given life to the characters he has played.

    Hence in the film 'Adaaminte Makan Abbu' also he would have acted sincerely and well. He was unnoticed in our state award functions. It is like the say that 'Muttathe Mullakke Mandamilla'. The Nationsl Award for Best Actor is shared by Tamil Acator Dhanush with Salikumar.

    His case is like that of Rasool Pukkuty and A R Rahman, who though were recognised by our people, the real worth was noticed by the Oscar award organisation. Similarly in case of Salim Kumar, the worth was recognised by the National award committee.

    The responses of Mohanlal, Mammutty, Suresh Gopi and others will be happy one from them as they are good actors like Salimkumar and every one cannot get the best actor award always. Salilmkumar and Dhanush got the awards from among the galaxy of actors like the Shah Rukh Khan, Amir Khan, Salman Khan etc and the giants of all the regional languages.

    I congratulate him and wish further success in his career life.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Generally, when assessing the best actor/actress there used to have a bias. Judging panel look only at the leading actors, who appear as hero. Very often they forget or just miss the second level actors.(Why our Jagathy Sreekumar, an extra ordinary actor, is not getting the best actor award?). This time there is a change. Not only in the selection of best actor but also in selecting the best director and best cinema.

    We have established actors who have won the top position several time. But at the same time there are several actors whose performances are exemplary and note-worthy. But they miss the attention of judges. So, it is a good thing that Sri.Salim Kumar was chosen as the best actor. He is capable of doing different roles, which he has already proven through some of his earlier films.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    It would be better if you correct the spelling mistake in the title
    Salim Kumar has the skill to act and he obviously satnds deserving for the award . The great actors that you have mentioned here should take up an initiative to do movies which hav some social relevance too , instead of simply acting in big budget movies which show gimmicks to attract viewers . I do agree that such movies run more on the box office , but that is because the viewers do not have other alternatives . Give viewers good movies to see , they and the society will respond in a good way .

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    In view point,he very well deserves the recognition for his outstanding performance in 'adaminte makan abu'.i think people have developed a misconception that the awards and recognitions are reserved for the chocolate heroes of the industry.All depends on an actor's talent to transform himself as the character concerned and the effect he could produce.i think glamour plays very little role in this except when people want to do only the roles of college students n eve teasers....i think we should al appreciate his skill to handle both comedy as well as serious roles...i am so happy that the jury members were not carried away by the presence of super heroes in the list...

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    So very familiar face in Malayalam Films. An actor who can make us laugh, think and revive.Acted in more than 100 films. Be it a comic role or a serious one he is at his best. He seems to live the charachter. One among most talented actors in malayalam film history.He truly deserves the Best Actor Award. Adaminte Makan Abu is as a result of good effort by Salim Kumar, Salim Ahmed and his crew.Thanks for setting new standards for Indian Films.Hats off.

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