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    Is it necessary to interfere too much in private life of celebraty?

    It feels so hard to just for a celebrate when his/her fanstake too much interest in his/her day to day activities. Why media and people fall behind their personnel activities? Let them lead their life however they want.
    I think the media takes something as simple as covering a famous person's life too far. I don't think they should be interfering with their lives as much as they do today. They are normal people just like us and they behave just like the rest of us. I don't think the media should over expose celebrities just because they are famous and because everybody knows who they are. Honestly, I don't really care what a famous person is doing everyday, but a lot of people love it and even set career paths for themselves to get themselves involved in that world. That is a world I don't think I could work for without questioning my ethical values.

    Now the question I ask myself when I found this is why should the media have to post something like this and why should I care? The answer is very simple...because she's famous. Celebrities get exposed by the media everyday. Sure, some of them like the attention, but some of them don't and sometimes get annoyed by it. If I'm a big movie star or a famous musician, I wouldn't want to be followed by photographers and video cameras every time I'm spotted in public.
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    You are right Mr hrishi. Outsiders have no right to interfere with the private life of celebrities. But we find every day most of the celebrities mainly from film, stage and modelling industries have the problem mentioned by you.

    There is some sort of standard in the media involving in the so called news or gossips about such celebrities, that it is accepted by most. The reason is that the celebrity likes it in the beginning as it gives publicity to him/her. Later it becomes a taken for granted matter. Since the media requires circulation and followers, they indulge in such poking of private lives which is liked by a large percentage of the population. Hence media gets a large following.

    The public who see/read/watch the media items likes this. This is because most of the followers would have liked to indulge in such type of activities concerned, if there is any chance, but are afraid for the adverse reactions from people around them.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    Hi Hrishi

    I totally agree with you. No one actually has the right to interfere in anyone else's life be it a celebrity or common man. But unfortunately it is gossip and celebrities lives which are most sought after in today's world. Nowadays there are magazines and even TV channels (like Zoom TV) which are exclusively made just for poking into celebrities lives and make money out of it. I know many people who are interested to see these kind of programs also. When there are mediums made just for exposing such news, then media will definitely have to go behind the celebrities so that they have some news to show daily right? And if they dont get any news, they make up rumours without caring how it will affect the other person's life. If one wishes to join the film world, he/she has to be ready to compromise their privacy and have to be ready to face such rumours and interference in their lives. There is no way this can be stopped unless some important person puts a full ban on it because the common people rejoice in gossips. It is the public who are encouraging the media to continue poking their noses in the lives of celebrities.

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