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    Another Environmental Day, today

    Today, 5th June, is the World Environmental Day. Throughout the world it is being celebrated. In India also several functions are there. Kerala also is not behind. Most of the VIPs starting from the Chief Minister are attending some function connected with this. Organizations are also not behind.

    But these speeches and talk will be over by this day. The actions of Government and people will be against the environment. Year after year the situation is becoming very critical.Still we will go on celebrating this day!
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    Mr Sankaran has correctly pointed out the malady of our environmental condition. Today the world is celebrating the world environment day. I do not know much about the outside countries except what can be understood from media. Anyway outside countries excepting some of the developing countries cannot be compared with India and some of the developing countries.

    In India and the developing countries, the population is maximum concentrated and the per capita available space is much less comparing to other countries. The population is still increasing further and the available land is less. So the environment is affected in our country by the shrinkage of natural habitations.

    Added to this our attitude is conducive for maximizing pollution. Our civic sense must be at the lowest level in the world. Our only aim is that our individual houses should be clean. For that we do not mind trowing the rubbish on the road in front of the neighborer's properties till they object and quarrel.

    Whenever we are on outing with groups or individually, we will be having packages of tit bits to eat and drink. As soon as the packets are empty we just toss them over on the spot itself without any guilty feeling. It is just like a natural act for us.

    Today on the environmental day it is not going to be any different. Our VIP leaders will grace some of the functions organised for their benefit. Before they come the place will be cleaned and the rubbish will be put in some place out of sight. But as soon as the function is over, every one will start throwing used plates/cups with left over food and drinks in the very same spot. Part of these may be cleared for some time by the designated persons. Later it will be forgotten. Nobody will even notice this even though the participants may have to tiptoe. Of course since very recently there is a system of placing rubbish bins to deposit the rubbish and left overs.

    However, a very happy environmental day to all. Let us hope that all of us will slowly but surely change our habits and keep our neighborhood pollution free.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Another Environmental day, this is the right (high) time to think back to make the whole world to be a pollution free one. Happy Environmental day to every one.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Dear friends,
    Yesterday, being the Environmental Day, I had to participate in a meeting and talk a few words. I just shared some of my experiences in the matter with the audience present.

    About two years back as part of survey I (jointly with two others) had to visit all the Panchayaths located near the largest river of Kerala, Periyar. The aim was to gather information how these Panchayaths' activities are influencing the water quality of the river as well as the flow of the river.

    In one of the Panchayaths we saw hundreds of small huts, most of them semi-permanent, situated facing their back towards a small stream. This stream joins a river which later joins Periyar. These houses had no sanitation facilities and hence all these dwellers used to defecate into the stream. Te dwellers (most of them Tamil settlers)of these houses are workers in the neighbouring tea estate and had been there for several years. So, one can think about the quality of water we get from Periyar.

    The above one is only one example. Several experiences we had. So, when we talk about environment we forget what is reality. I sited a few more examples in my talk and stressed the point that we have to act rather than talk or celebrate the Environmental day annually.

    Gold Member, SPK

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