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    Television in the drawing room

    In most of the houses the television will be kept in the drawing room. All the members of the family will be sitting there and viewing programmes there.This happens mainly in the evenings. In a family where both husband and wife are working and the children studying get the evening time for sharing their experiences and problems. But TV steals this time. Thus slowly a gap is formed among the children and parents, or between the husband and wife.

    The situation become more projected when a visitor comes at that time. Whatever he/she says are half heard by the hosts. Visitor vacates the house with an irritation.
    Thus the TV is informative, but affects the family and social life of every individual. This more when it is kept in the drawing room or family sitting room.

    Comments ?
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    Sir, I cannot agree with you. It is our mind not the television to be changed. Can't we avoid viewing television whenever there is guest in home, serious discussions among members and students are at study?

    In my opinion, the television should be kept in drawing room itself. All other members in home, though, not sitting right in front, should note the channels being enjoyed.

    I think, television plays a major role in shaping the character among kids. Kids used to imitate many things seen. We heard about incidents happened while imitating "super natural heros" in children comics
    and such other shows.

    Use of vulgar language, scenes should be banned at least in the television shows, as television is a medium being watched in the family together.

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    I also dont agree completely with you. One thing is if you dont keep the TV in the living room, where would you keep it? Infact i dont like the idea of people keeping the TV in the bedroom. In my view, keeping the TV in the bedroom is more harmful. Otherwise, it is just enough to keep a restriction on TV viewings. When a guest comes home, it should be switched off no matter how interesting the program may seem. If not, it is equivalent to insulting the guest. For small children too, parents should keep restrictions on what to watch and timings too. New technologies allows the option of child lock for some channels on the television. So if there are channels which are not suitable for the children, they can just keep it locked.

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    All the three comments above are true in their respective viewpoints. It is a fact to some extent that the TV in the drawing room detracts the attention of the persons to the programs in the TV than the matters of the family and their members. Now the situation is more complicated by most of the families having additional TVs in their private rooms also so that each can watch their favorite programs.

    In the earlier days it used to be a practice to have breakfast and dinner together with all members of the family partaking food together. That used to be occasions to talk about the common and individual matters. That has given way to individual eating at different times may be because of the circumstances. Even when all are together generally each one will have his/her plate in the hand and will be eating in different seats if there is a program acceptable to all or each one will be in their respective rooms with the plate.

    As to the point that the children imitate the heroes of the TV shows, I feel it is only marginal, and for that advantage there is also the disadvantage of bad influences of the shows also.

    Regarding the treatment of the guests it is only our attitude about them that guide our actions. It is not merely because of our addictions to the TV. If like the guest/s we will definitely skip the program and give our attention to the guest/s . If they are unwelcome, we treat them in that way. However, generally it is becoming that the guests are more and more becoming unwelcome.

    So according tome, it is not the TV, computers, or other technological gadgets that are responsible for our being good or bad. It is our basic nature which makes us good or bad, especially when we do not have the reflection of any subject to see all aspects or side of the subjects and coe to our conclusions.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It is not the location of television important. It is our mentality to be changed. In fact living space is the best room to place television. This is because tv in bedroom can affects its privacy whereas tv in kids room can affect kids in numerous other ways. Moreover if tv is in living area it can be watched and reviewed by everyone together. It can promote communication between family members in that aspect. Also parents can monitor kids and advise them to watch healthy programmes. So we have to find time to spend with our family rather than changing location of tv. We must promote healthy relations since it influence our personality alot. We must also take part in various social gathering and events as they belong to our culture and heritage.

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    In this case I cannot agree with your point.If you always keeping the television in drawing room or family sitting room is most comfortable. We do not keeping the television in bedroom.

    In most of the family the television has a big role, its is their evening family entertainer they are watching television altogether and discussing about the television characters and other television resources. In my concept parents getting good relief for their stress from evening television watching.

    Most of the children's spend more than three hours per day for watching TV program it makes lot of health problems for some kids. Parents should control them from long hours television watching.if we are using anything like Television, Internet, game etc, as its manner do not make any problem with you.

    when a guest comes home we should switch off the television, now these days we can see when we are visiting a home, if it is a time for their television watching, they do not switch off television and the elder members are discussing with yours but children's never mind and do not speak anything to their guests.It is not a good habit so parents take care to keep their politeness and also teaching their kids about 'how can keep their manners towards their guests'.

    Television has lot of good and bad impacts we should use it carefully.

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    Hello T.M.Sankaran Sir,
    I think that we should avoid to see television more. But many TV programs give us knowledge. I think it is right place to put our TV in drawing room.
    With regards,
    -Gopal Singh

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