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    Can we support the present decision taken by professional college management?
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    i think never support it. what about you?

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    Who can support these type of decisions ? If there is a strong Government then will the managements take this type of decisions? Unfortunately, none of our Governments could find a solution to this attitude of the managements. education should never be considered as an income generating business. students and parents will have to boycott such institutions, then only the problem can be solved.
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    I agree with Sri Sankaran sir that if a strong Government is there this type of situation wil not arise at all. In the absence of a strong government all sorts of forces will raise their heads like the earthworms pretending to be snake.

    We the general public has stopped giving back something to the Society, to which we owe our existence and reaching to our present level. So our representatives can expected to be a reflection, a worse one at that, our selves. Hence we have no choice to select a good alternative. Our system is like a kaleidoscope which have the same colour glass pieces, but when shaken we get an illusion there is a different pattern. But the same peices only are rearanged. So also in the change of Governments. Same type of people coming under different labels.

    So in every field, we can find people appearing to be very strong and heroes for their kind of people. That is what is happening in educational field also. If we just think as to what actually is the present day educational field, we can observe that it is only a kind of business in the garb of a noble cause, like that of religion, social work, civil liberty movements etc. All such institutions are only deceiving themselves and the public.
    Thanks to Mr Nizam for raising the topic and Sri Sankaran for provoking to reflect on the issue.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    I really do appreciate nizam sir for raising this topic for discussion.

    The management institutions are really being a factory for the production of engineers and doctors for those who don't really have the qualification to be such a person.An engineer and a doctor has their own dignity which are nowadays being spoiled by these management institutions by squeezing out the money and giving non-worthy education.
    The point to be noted is that, the one joining in a management institution is the one not qualified for any public exams which give seats in government aided institutions and the one who has more than enough cash with them to be a professional by just earning a degree certificate.

    To feel the difference between a management institute and a government institute is to compare those colleges.For example,National Institute of Technology, Calicut, the top college in Kerala which gives worthy education unlike management institutes. There are thousands of students here who have got in through entrance.

    Now what we should do to stop the foul play of management institutes is to make aware those parents of whose children joining in such local institutes by giving such amount of money,the difference and quality of education in a government aided institute and management institute and educate their children well from the high school to develop a base for these entrance exams.

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    Shadia Neduvancheri

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    I do support Shadia's statement.
    The keen aim of all the educational society should be the delivery of good education rather than the business.
    Now a days what is happening that the managements do not bother about the standards of both faculty and the candidates and they do not synchronize both of them.
    They are only looking for making money through this business.
    But they should be strict on the base level of qualification and capacity of the students who are seeking the admission.
    The parents spend a lot of money to get an admission for a professional course, in spite of looking the learning capacity of their children.
    At the end, there will be a lot of back papers on their shoulder and will be a huge burden.
    So there should be a formula in between in the students, management, courses they are offering, parents and the government.


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