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    How to add photo in articles

    Can anyone tell me how to add photographs (which doesn't belong to me) to articles.

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    When The article is finished, there is some column to be completed like the blank for "Tags". After that you will come across another blank - Advanced Option "URL". This will not be required in most of the cases.
    Below that you will come across the heading 'Please read resource submission guidelines'. Just below this you will find a small box with a sentence - 'I want to add some attachments to this resource'. Check the small box and press the button 'Publish Article'.

    You will come to a new page where you will find "Add new Attachment". Press this and you will come to a new page with a provision for Title and "attachment" button to select the document/photo to be attached. If you want the photo to below your article you check the 1st of the 2 options "Show this attachment as a link below the resource". Then press the button 'Submit Attachment'. Your photo is included.

    However, if you have already published the article, just go to your article. You will find an edit button. Open edit provision and there you will find the attachment provision. You can follow the above procedure.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Thank you Ramanathan sir. You explained the procedure tangibly. But sir, my doubt still remains. My question was about a photo from other sources, means from internet.

    Any way thanks again

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    Hello Harshan

    I am giving a continuation of what Ramanathan A R sir have explained, if you want the picture any were else, say beginning or in the middle article, copy the Image Link with IMG tags.

    And you can post pictures from other websites if they are not copyright protected, pictures of Gadgets, Movie stars, Places etc..wont be usually copyright protected, you can add all these in your article

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    Dear Harshan Sir,

    The images available on the internet may be copyrighted. You should not put these images here. You must find some pictures that are not copyrighted and have to attach here(As Ramanadhan sir said). The copyrighted images are those which have the name of the website or the author in the image.
    See this, here we give you an exact picture of what is copyrighted image, Image Posting Guidelines

    Once you find a picture, you must save that image in to your computer. You can do some editing in those pictures so that they may not appear as copyrighted. After that you have to attach those image files in your article( the same way as you attach something to your mail). While attaching you will prompt with 2 options- you can show the attached image below to your article as an attachement, and the second one is for not showing the image in the bottom part of your article. If you want to put the images in some where of your article(not at the very bottom), choose the later one. After you save these attachements, next window shows three paths to the location of your images in the Spider Kerala. You have to paste the desired path of the image( small or large) in your article with the help of IMG tag.

    Here we give you a small tutorial on 'how to put the image using IMG tag in HTML'.

    How to put an image

    If you are still in doubt with this topic, just message me using the Message system of Spider Kerala.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hai Roshin, i was also really confused about how to add pictures into my article. Having read your thread i think i can manage it from next time on. I should thank the whole
    Wel i have a few doubts too. First if i can add photos to an already published article nd secondly how to provide a link of a web address.
    Thanx for all the help

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    Hi Tijo. You can put images to an already published article.Just open the article after you sign in. Then you can see an edit button. Upon clicking. You can edit your already published articles and attach images.
    You can also give link to other web pages in spider kerala with the help of HREF HTML TAG. You can also give link to pages in other website only if it really needed. We dont approve links to blogs and social networking sites in your posts. For using HREF tag please read the continuation of putting IMG tag.

    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hi Roshin, thanx for that information. It wil surely help in making articles better. Thanx a lot.

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    Do not put images from other sites directly. Some images may be copyright protected. Copying such images may affect your article.

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