CPIM Discussions on Poll Debalce

CPI (M) Central Secretariat is meeting at Hyderabad to discuss about the party's poor performances in its strongholds of West Bengal and Kerala. Both the places are having some common points responsible for the debacle and some independent reasons.

The common points are the infighting in the party - struggle for supremacy of power. The State Secretaries feel as they are the chief in the party unit, they should be powerful enough even to guide the Chief Minister. On the other hand, the Chief Minister feels that he is the head of the state itself and hence he need not be under the secretary. The respective sides work for their own lines and divide the entire leadership and cadres of the states. In the beginning of formation of the party, it was standing for the principle of spreading communism and work for the uplift of the downtrodden. At that time, the downtrodden were also with them and most of the leaders and cadres were not after power or position. When the party came to power, the situation changed. Those who were in power wanted to continue and those who were out wanted to come in to the seat of power.

The earliest evidence is the 1st left Government of the EMS. Though there were some agitation in the name of Liberation Movement to remove the government, the real fall came because of the internal fights and the party cadres at grass root level taking the law into their hands and creating harassment to public. The internal differnce resulted first into the split of the CPI into CPIM and CPI. Again the fight continued and subsequenty the revolts were only individual like the K R Gowri, M V Raghavan etc. Now the fight is at its peak and is n the open.

The best thing for the CPIM to do is to expel one group of either the Achuthanandan group or the Pinarai group. In the beginning the strength will get reduced. But in the long run this will be compensated by unity. Otherwise the course will be to make both the leaders to step down fro their positions and bring fresh leaders like Dr Thomas Isac and M A Baby. This is for Kerala.

In W B also similar situation prevails. From the happening from the TATA project, ad the Naxal attacks Budhdeb Bhatachrji gives an impression that he is like a paper tiger. The party state secretary also has become docile and complacent. When Thrinamool Congress started the Singrur agitation the party and the Government appeared to be paralyzed. They should be replaced with some fresh leaders to rejuvenate the state unit.

Of course the Central leaders themselves are depending he these state leaders. Hence taking actions in the states will be out of question. The party will continue with the gradual decay. As of now itself the CPIM has become almost like the Congress and BJP proving the power corrupts.