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    Hindus, Muslim or Christian, in Kerala want Vastu home

    It was reported in yesterday's paper that people of all religion in Kerala wants to have their home vasthu complied.

    It is nothing new to look for vasthu compliant homes. In the earlier days though it was not known as vasthu, the houses were built on the basis of thachu sastram. Our Puranas and Vedas are a bundle of knowledge on almost any subject under the sky. The rishis of old times have studied, observed and collected the collective experiences and codified their knowledge subjectwise.

    The vasthu has come out of that codification. All the knowledge were there to be used. All the available materials were in Sanskrit which went into disrepute for some time. We have lost faith in most of our original values, because the upper class and the rich had been monopolizing the knowledge and were using the same against the overwhelming majority of the population for their selfish designs. Hence the common man not only lost interest in that, even developed hatred as it was twisted to serve the purpose of the high and rich classes against their interests.

    However, the foreigners, specially the Germans and the Americans, may be because of the influence of Vivekananda and later other wise men started learning. They even went to the extent of learning Sanskrit and try to understand the treasure trove. Now it is catching up with the Indians also.

    Amway vasthu in simple term is the setting up of a house / flat in such a way that those who live in are having the maximum benefit of health and happiness. This depends on the local condition and direction of wind, sun, rain, water and other natural elements. These are the main essentials of health. This in effect is preparing home in such a way that the place is with maximum positive energy by harnessing the natural elements.

    So there is nothing special, surprising or odd about anybody irrespective of religion, caste or community wanting to have vasthu complied homes. Because every one would like to have health and happiness.
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    There is certainly no wonder in people preferring Vasthu compliant homes.Vasthu is a traditional Hindu system of design based on directional alignments.It is the science of direction that combines all the five elements(EARTH,WATER,AIR,FIRE,SPACE) of nature and balance them with the man and the building material.
    The foundation of Vastu is by the sage Mayan according to the Hindu mythology.
    Even though it was initially applied in Hindu temples.gradually it became the basis of majority of the homes.
    The Sanskrit word vastu labels many things,essence, thing, object, article, and also goods, wealth, property, foundation of a house, site, ground, building or dwelling-place, habitation, homestead, house. The term shastra describing science.

    Vasthu is not only meant for Hindu houses.It is the construction or creation of dwelling places which benefits the humanity.People living inside is essentially filled with happiness and good health.

    I Therefore totally agree with Ramanathan sir,that there is nothing new or surprising in people of any religion preferring vasthu complied homes.


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    Most of the points put forth by Vasthu experts are scientific. Aeration is a must for any building. Providing the kitchen in the north- east corner of a house is advised in the Kerala condition, where the south-west monsoon wind is the strongest one. Similarly the locations for well, toilets, bed rooms, etc. are suggested following the flow of wind inside the building. The water flow also is suggested accordingly. In the compound the waste or rain water should flow towards north or east.That means the compound should have a slope towards north-east.

    of course, in earlier days people will accept these if only connected with some beliefs. Hence there used to have Vasthu purushan, and his lying position in the compound, etc.

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