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    Can human being turn so cruel for wealth?

    It seems to be so. below given are news head lines appeared in news papers.

    12 June 11 -- a lady railway employee was kicked out of the coach and her bag snatched.

    15 June 11 -- A 65 years old lady was killed and her ornaments looted.

    Youth got arrested while trying to harass a girl studying in plus two.

    18 June 11 -- Youth got arrested while trying to snatch the gold ornaments of a lady on road.

    20 Jun 11 -- Stranger attacked 5 members of a family during day time.

    At the same time ladies too want to declare that they are also capable of this.

    Karanavar assassination, murder of a lonely retired teacher at Alappuzha are examples. Today another case of a lady who tried to attack and loot a lady appeared in news paper.

    Any comments?

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    Exactly this is how world is turning up now!how strange,I should say.The newspapers are nowadays filled with these news.And mostly the victims are women.How can man be so cruel?
    A comparison between olden days and present days will shown a great change in these incidents.I guess those days were filled with peace happiness and brotherhood.But its the direct opposite nowadays.In those days greed for money was less.Always peace was accepted more than money.But now money is the ultimate power and peace is a waste.
    the situation is only gonna get worse than present till something is done.



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    The society is fully commercialised. Money is the only thing that matters now to large majority.The value of life is changing fast and it will be more and more difficult to live.

    What is mentioned above is only one side. The other side is that about 95% of the population is corrupt in one way or other. Even the so called fight against corruptions is also a kind of corruption, that is fooling the people. It is because removing corruption by police, CBI and Lokpal etc are only fooling. What is seen as corruption is only like the tip of the ice berg.

    Will it be possible to punish Evey body. if we see we can observe that the professionals can charge exorbitant fee and show a smaller amount as fee and deceive the Government of tax. The industrialist and businessmen loot the people and Government. Is it possible to take actions on all these people? By catching some and making a fanfare of the same will satisfy us and will be happy. Thatis what is going on till now and will continue in future also.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    Ramanathan sir,
    I do agree with you that, none can punish everybody. But if we go bit deep into the matter, we can realize that the slackness on the part of authorities gives a temptation to repeat such indecent activities. It is a fact that "criminals are not born, but made". The circumstances make a man criminal. Criminals are to be punished. If a criminal is punished suitably at suitable time, he will hesitate to repeat such crime in future.

    For that the authorities should be free from corruption. We have to wait long for a corruption free authorities.

    What you said is absolutely correct. Money makes everything. But a life cannot be purchased with money.

    Let us hope for the best



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    Hello Ramanathan Sir,

    I am fully satisfied that now a days human being are turning so cruel for wealth. We are losing our human value.
    Well we can give proper attention towards our security and can reduce these type of activity.
    On the other hand Government should take some strict actions towards these type activity and people.

    With regards,
    -Gopal Singh

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    Wealth (land) and women used to be the bone of contention from times back. People will do anything for these two. Our epics are based on such issues. Most of the literary works are created using these as underlying theme. Now films are also made in a similar manner.
    As quoted in the posting, everyday news paper appear with such news items. Now a days almost a page is set apart by certain news papers for giving news related to these. TV serials have no other themes other than these two. So we have no other options !!

    Gold Member, SPK

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    First of all thanks for coming up with an important topic.

    People are always rushing after women and wealth. Many crimes are reported daily in news papers and other media. The conditions of life in such a society is going to the worst condition. The women can't go to town in nights while men can. Even though men are also looted in the nights, The chances of men being robbed are less when compared to the situation with women. The reasons for these crimes can be many. But we should prevent these crimes from happening again. Women should be free to go any where at any time without any fear.
    The social stigma present in these days should be corrected. Better actions should be taken against such people doing crimes like these. They are making the society into an unnatural place to live. We should also do some thing about this.
    Arunraj Essar

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