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    Kerala-"Heaven of Scammers"-Active Group Discussion

    Each day both print and visual media brings fresh news on how keralaites are cheated for being parts of various scams. This include lottery scams,other internet scams and much more than that the real estate scams. Scammers are targeting keralaties more and many are becoming the prey of scams which come with different names.

    In this context what do you feel about the real reason behind the growth of these different new scams? Have an active Group Discussion regarding this topic. The most active participants will be rewarded.
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    The scams are frequent occurrences since the last 10 to 15 years. Earlier also it used to be there, but few in numbers. Now it has reached an alarming proportion.

    About few years back many of us are aware of the swindling by the Chit Fund Companies. Many may remember or lost precious hard earned money in the investment frauds like the Anubhav Plantations, Eswari Finance, Vini Winki etc. Then there is the case of the horse race, stock market, satta, matka, forward trading etc where millions of people invest and lose everything.

    If we try to find out the reason why people are falling prey to such con men or swindlers it will not be difficult. What is happening is that the general attitude of people is rapidly changing to making money by hook or crook. The feeling is that money is everything and want to make fast buck and become rich overnight if possible or as early as possible. Since the normal source of investments like the government schemes of postal investments, government bonds, bank deposit etc give less returns. Under that circumstances clever people come with proposals with attractive investment returns. They have some conman with them and jointly they do some activity like depositing some amount by their own men and withdraw the amount with the fabulous interest. These fraudsters employ some local persons in the Office and pay high salary. The people observing this get deceived and start investing. When the investment amount reaches to huge proportion, those who started the fraud disappears with the money of investors.

    We do not think as to how any body can pay more than the interest charged by the loan giving institutions. Just as we want to make fast buck, the swindlers also want to make fast buck. We are ordinary people, so are afraid of or incapable of doing any fraud but get defrauded.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    The present generation believes that money is everything. Even their parents are less important in front of money. We, came across lot of incidents of parents being thrown away after defalcating their property. Lot of incidents which resembles "highway robbery" is taking place in our small state. There are men, who does not hesitate even to kill brutally, for the sake of some money the victim had.

    If we go behind the reason for these incidents, we will reach again to the pathetic state of Kerala, and it is our most dangerous curse "unemployment". An unemployed youth, when in need of money may try to make it through whichever means possible.

    Since we aim money, the morale may sometime be compromised. Which results scams. Scammers needs to create impression among the public. For which they use some top level or famous persons, who also may be a part in the scam. The attracting features of the scheme and the presence of famous personalities and the avaricious mentality may create belief in them.

    Scams will continue in society till avarice persist in our mind


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    Most of the Keralitis wished to make money from easy way, they are lazy. Another point, in case real estate the keralitis do not thinking about the other side of this type business.

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    You said the fact. We are not only lazy but greedy too. We want to make money, that is all. None bother about the method. If we get money we are ready to cheat others, or even kill others.

    When we think about making money, even without thinking about others, we are also getting cheated by others. That is what is happening.

    There is a proverb in malayalam "pottane chetty chathichal cherriye daivam chathikkum". In this case that comes true.


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