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  • Category: Member of the Day(MoD) Contest

    Member of the Day(MoD) Award Program- Topic for 22-06-2011

    Dear Members,
    As per our early announcement regarding the extended MoD program, members can write articles on a given topic to be a part of the MoD Award Program. This time the award has been extended to Rs 100. Members have to secure atleast 75 points from articles on the given topic.

    Members can post articles on the given topic to be eligible for the Member of the Day (MoD) award program.

    Topics for MoD on 7-5-2011

    Health care during rainy season

    Now its the monsoon season. While we enjoy the monsoon rain, it makes many trouble in our life during these few months like health problems.The common problems that occurs during the monsoon are pimple,skin eruption,wet hair dandruff etc. Members can post different articles about the Skin care secrets during monsoon,health care tips during rainy season, hair care tips etc.
    Members can Post Articles Here. After posting articles members have to give the url of the articles in this forum thread as response.

    This time for submitting articles on the topic 'Health care during rainy season' is 23-06-2011, 10.30 AM. A count time clock is set to know the remaining time left for the submission.
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    As I am new to this site i would like to know more about this.
    How is the URL given in the forum thread response.I guess I have understood other things.


    Shadia N

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    Hi Shadia,

    The internal link associated with "post article" will lead you to Health Care section of SPK. There you have to choose post resources link and submit your article giving suitable category and title. Titling and summary writing should be taken care well such that it contain suitable keywords relating your resources. The titling words are given in the above message.

    This is best chance for you to prove yourself by actively participating in this contest and become the "Member of the Day". Best of luck!

    Happy posting!

    With Regards
    Roshan Salim

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    Here I have submitted my view as an article.



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    Shadiya, What I am saying is a little more explanation to your question. I think so.After posting of your articles are completed as Roshan said, you will get a URL for your article. You have to post this URL here as a response. See the above 2 responses as an example.
    With Regards,
    Sobhana K.B

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    Hi Webmaster

    I've submitted my article on Monsoons

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    Hi Webmaster

    The url of my articles for member of the day award program is


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