Thiruvithamkur Devswam Board Holidays.

The Thiruvithamkur Devaswam Board issued a notification incorporating the changes in the list of holidays. The board was giving 28 days holidays. Now they have removed 5 holidays from the earlier list and introduced 2 new ones.

As per the new list of holidays declared the Ayudha Pooja (Durgashtami) Holiday alongwith Chinga masam 1st, Makara vavu, Gayathri Japam, Kshetra pravesana Vilambara dinam are removed. The Board has introduced two new holidays from the previous years. The new holidays introduced are Muharam and Good Friday (Dhukha Velliazhcha.

This shows that the Thiruvithamkur Devaswam Board which is having only Hindus in it as members and employees has applied the changes without any thinking in a mechanical way. This is the trend in whole of India. Whoever has to take decisions, will do so without applying the mind, just like a machine doing its function.

Since it is a body exclusively for the Hindus, the holidays should be for that of Hindus. Why the holidays of other religion was introduced where no one is there other than Hindus. Ayudha Pooja is a very important ceremony for Hindus throughout the country. No holiday for this festival. What the Hindu members in the board are to do with the Muharam and Good Friday?