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    Kerala sea shore is full of waste and plastic bottles

    Kerala is considered as God's Own Country, but now these days most of the cities of Kerala are filled with wastes and dirty smell. In case Ernakulum city; most of the homes have very less space so there have no space and facility to dispose their daily wastes from kitchen and other wastes. The corporation cannot take wastes regularly so the peoples thrown away it to public places and the nearby rivers and seas. We can see these wastes all along the city lot of health problems developed from this wastes but peoples have no time to listen this.

    Most of the beaches in Kerala are now become tourist place, but these beaches are now dirty with sewage, plastic and disposable bottles which are thrown away by the local tourists. Two weeks ago I have visited the Fort Kochi beach,one of the famous tourist place in Ernakulum district, I am wondered the beach is arranged beautifully the foot path is decorated with red tiles that more attractive and with lot of waste bin to be found along with the beach. But I have shown a heartbreaking seen that the local peoples do not put the wastes in waste bin they thrown away it to the sea and nearby area but the tourists from other countries they keep their food wastes and bottles until they find the next waste bin and put it in to the waste bin neatly.

    The sea shore is filled with sewage and plastic bottles we do not bothering about the health problems related to this wastes. The developments in the city day to day increases but there have no required facility to collecting and disposing these wastes. The waste is one of the major problems in our cities now, only the corporation is responsible for this problem.
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    You are right sreejaashish. On one side the city is growing everyday with new business opportunities, new housing facilities, new job opportunities, etc. All these attract people from other parts of the city as well as other parts of the State.

    Now thousands of workers from northern/ eastern States are here in Kochi. Only these people are available for any casual labour works. These people are coming here through certain agents. They are not provided necessary living facilities. In large or small sheds they stay together without any sanitation facility.

    The City authorities fail to cope with the needs of the increasing population. The moving population, those who come to the city for different purposes and leave on the same day or next, are actually contributing towards the waste accumulation, this include the tourists also. The school/college students come in buses and many of them throw away the water bottles, etc., carelessly in and around the city places.

    Corporation has an arrangement to collect wastes from houses and markets regularly. They collect the biodegradable waste daily and the non-biodegradable (plastic, etc.) once in every week. These are transported to the waste treatment plant at Brahmapuram. There are, of course, complaints about the working of the plant.

    Whatever may be the case the society must be well trained as far as waste disposal is concerned. Strict law must be there to punish the offenders. Regular monitoring also must be there.

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    Kerala is God's own country and it's beauty due to it's sea shore. If these sea shores are full of waste and plastic bottle then it is a big problem. Plastic is very harmful for all like animals, creatures of sea,river and for us also. So Kerala government should think about this matter and it is also our moral duty to avoid plastic in anywhere.

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