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    What Will Be The Future Of Girls In Kerala If The Price Of Gold is Again Increasing ?

    The gold price is increasing daily. Now the price for 1 pavan gold is about 17120. What may be the future of girls in Kerala, if there will be a demand for money & gold for their wedding from the groom's parents?

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    Now a days the marriage become a function of "purchasing a boy" for the girls. And the price of a boy is getting increased day by day, we can say.

    Girls should take an oath, not to marry a boy who demands dowry, in any manner.

    A word to the parents of boys. you are not "selling" your sons to the parents of a girl.

    In most marriages, the girls parents are selling their property even to find money for their daughters future.

    Though the government had banned dowry, it still prevails in society as it is or with some other names

    We should think about this seriously.


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    Hi Harshan Sir

    What you said is exactly correct. Girls should take a strong decision not to marry a boy who demands for dowry. Another important fact is that some parents even think if their son will marry a girl who will give huge dowry(including gold & money), it will be a family status for them in the society. Eventhough dowry system is banned by the government, it is given in different names like share of parents etc. Strong action should be taken against those who demand for dowry & at the same time parents should never marry their daughters to boys who are demanding money. In our country law & order are not strict. So every person is conducting their own crimes.


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    Gold price is increasing, correct. But the purchase of gold is also increasing. If you look into a jewellery shop you can see the rush there. People have money for this, or they manage money somehow.

    Girls can take an oath like 'I will not marry anybody who is marrying for money or gold'. But how many will come forward to do so. A social revolution must be there to make them come forward.

    Years back there was a revolution among the Namboothiri community (Kerala Brahmins) for allowing the widows among them for re-marriage. The result was successful and the community accepted it. Similar fight should come from within the women.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Hai Asha Kurian,

    We do have a law preventing dowry. Only thing is that, we (the general public) are not ready to follow it by "not giving/demanding dowry".

    Then comes the social status. By offering a huge dowry, which is not possible for them, (at least the parents who cannot find a source to pay that much), had never gained a "so called status" in the society.
    Rather most of them had to give up their little property for the marriage, and the family had to take shelter in some rented house. Is this the "status" they are gaining by spending such a huge amount?
    This is something called as vanity.

    The reality is that, most parents want their daughters to live long happily. For that they are getting ready to loose everything they had. Because they do not like to hear the news of a cylinder blast or such other tragic incident happen to their daughters.

    There is only one remedy to this evil effect. The law should be obeyed by all. If such incident happened, the culprits should never permit to escape.

    And of course, we should not be greedy. Thank God the prenatal sexing is banned by law. Otherwise the female population would have gone down drastically



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