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    Irresponsibility of Members of Assembly

    Recent happening in the Kerala assembly shows that the Members of legislative assembly are not responsible as a member of the body, or they are immature to become a member of such a high body. Otherwise how can a few members go out when the session is about to go for a poll. This is a Government continuing in power based on a slender majority. At least this must be in their mind always when they go out.
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    The assembly of Kerala is not different from the Parliament assemblies, the other state assemblies or the municipal corporations, town councils or the panchayath assemblies all function identically. The state assemblies are having members who are not even fit to be the panchayath members. When that is the standard of the members what else is expected of them. If I remember correctly, there was a report in the media that around 40% of the assembly members are with some criminal cases behind them. That is a serious natter. When 40% are of this status, another major portion of the members will come just below that level but very near to them.

    As to the poll attendances, if we go through the records, we can find that all members of all parties attend the same at the crucial time and the voting pattern keeps in time with the strength of the respective fronts. Wherever the voting are not of a crucial nature, the members d not bother to attend the polls. The absence will not be from opposition only, even ruling front members may be absent.

    Earlier there used to be ideologies and principles and the parties or fronts used to be on those basis. But in recent times there is a conspicuous absence of any such ideologies and principles. Now the only ideology and principle of every party or front is to cling to power if in power or dislodge the ruling establishment, if not in power. Only the old labels of the parties are not removed or changed.

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    Ramanathan A R

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