A Temporary Prime Minister in C M's Chair.

When the cabinet meeting was going on in the evening of 3-8-11, Wednesday, a stranger came into the room of Chief Minister and occupied the chair of chief Minister. He was making several call to different places in Kerala.

When the C M and other ministers came o the CM's room, there was already a person sitting in the chair and busy telephoning to outside and inquiring about the welfare of the receiver of the call. This was in the CC TV and security persons came. When inquired about the person, he informed that he is the Prime Minister and was trying to find the welfare of the people. On seeing the C M and other ministers the person got up from the chair. It was learnt that he was a mental patient of Perurkada Mental Hospital and has come here to complaint about the irregularities of the Asylum. The security personal took custody of the intruder. The C M advised the security persons not to punish the patient.

As per the decision of the C M his office is open to anyone who has some grievance and want to complain. A down to earth chief minister.