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    Children Misusing the facilities of mobile phones & computers-Active Group Discussion

    Dear Members,

    Nowadays there is a striking news in the newspaper which is related to the misusing of mobile phones & computers by children. In the past no such facilities were available & so no tensions were there. But now world has improved. Mobile phones & computers are having some importance in our daily life. But now it is misused by children in many ways. What may be the reasons that force a child to do such activity?

    Share your thoughts as this will be an important issue which will destroy our future generation.
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    Children's mind is one of the greatest art of our supreme creator. So it quite understandable when they experiment with technological possibilities. so we can't blame for the curiosity they posses for mobile phones, computers, internet or whatever.
    So its upto the parents and guardians to take the responsibility of your own child; if they can't, who can? Even then problems will be there as the tech world is so vast. for example for the case of web, there will both useful and also unsocial websites. there you will have to take measures to block particular sites from the reach of your child. It is quite simple using certain antivirus or even site blockers which is available for free in net itself.
    So basic thing i would like to tell to all the parents out there is to get yourself equipped with all the latest basic tech knowledge and employ it judiciously for your loved ones.

    safvan p

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    Hi Safvan
    What you said is exactly correct. Parents have the responsibility to look after their children. They should make sure that their children are moving on the right path in this world. Apart from this, they should know more about friends of their Son/daughter. This is because children can go to wrong way if their friends are having bad habits. Parents should make sure that your child is not misusing mobile phones/computers which are unavoidable parts of this modern world.


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    Easier said than done. At what stage, one child should have a mobile is primary. Secondary is how it is being used. Now a days, it is very difficult to identify goodness of children's friends. How many parents have access to the mobiles of their children. Asha has commented that parents have responsibility to look after their children. She should have thought the other side of the coin. How many children now a days in Kerala take care of their parents in their old age. The mushrooming of Old Age Homes every where in Kerala is a classic example of the attitude of the present day children. The present generation thinking power is influenced by their friends than their parents who are neglected ( only 10% is the exception ). Only time will speak.
    Sreekumar Nair

    "Proud to be an indian"

    NO & YES are two short words, which need a long thought..., most of the things we miss in life are due to saying NO too soon or YES too late. Have a great day.

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    The author had pointed to a very serious situation prevails in our society today. Daily new issues related to children are coming out. Our children show a criminal tendency now-a-days. Whom to blame for this?. The modern technology?, The society?, Their friends? Or their parents?. In my opinion the parents are to be blamed for this. Most parents doesn't want to be harsh to their children. They always want to treat him/her with smiling face always. All their activities are accepted by parents. The reluctance of parents in correcting their mistakes makes them unaware of their mistake, and continues such mistakes. If the mistake was corrected in time, the child should have avoided such mistake in future.
    Another thing is the influence of Television. Now most of the Television programs are filled with violence, rape and illegal activities. These serials are enjoyed by all members of the family together. The kids, who are also viewers, cannot judge what is good and what is bad in these activities. Since his parents are enjoying these, he is thinking that these are good things. He also trys to imitate those scenes.
    Second thing, he is not able to mingle with others of his age. Once after coming from school, tuition and home works grabs his time. He is always keeping away from his friends and normal games. Television and computers become his alone friends.
    Third thing, less communication among the members of the family itself. Parents do not have time to talk to the children. Their problems and sorrows are ignored. Gradually the children totally separates from the members at home, at the same time he will be in friendship with others who are either visitors or servants at home. Who in turn, may utilize them in wrong way.
    A word to parents. Know your child. Note that you cannot become a good parent by full filling all his needs. His needs are to be full filled. At the same time he has to be watched, guided and punished if required.
    A proverb "chottayile seelam chudala vare. Yes, mistakes should be corrected in time. Never hesitate to punish if required.

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    Yes. It's really true that if children are allowed to use mobile and internet with out parent's supervision, they (not all. but majority)will misuse the is the responsibility of the parents that they should take care of their children. it is not only good for the family but also for the beterment of our nation.the future of our nation is in the hands of the young genaration. so it is very important that parents should try to make their children a proud Indian citizen, just like they take effort to make them a high income professional...

    thanks and best regards
    Susmitha Nair

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    Am of the same view as Sreekumar Nair, just think how many parents can have an idea what their kid is doing with the mobile phones or internet.
    I don't think that any parents of us do know what we are doing with these technologies. The second thing is that its not possible for all parents to know of the new technologies, that can be due to their workload or that they are busy.

    Another important factor is the environment in which one's kid live. One's kid living in ernakulam and that in another city are different. These all factors cannot be controlled by parents alone, so that have to be shared by those who are training the kid.

    So am of the view that the personnels who train the kid ie the institution, teachers and parents, altogether will be more effective than parents alone.

    With regards,


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    Teachers, School and college environment have some influence in the character formation of children. but who can influence more than anything in a person's early stages(childhood and teenage)of life? definitely the one else can influence more than that, if the parent is having the right approach to find what their children is doing. This is my own opinion. Parents should never show the children that they are being monitored. a parent should be an approachable person who can handle any situation with a calm mind and it is very imprtant that there should be a a good friendship between the parent and the one else can be a better friend than a mother or father. i think parents should practice meditation and yoga to make themselves more calm so that they can handle any situation in a more effective way.

    As far as the technological knowledge of the parents is concerned, I would say that.... where there is will there is a way... so any person whatever be the age can learn to use internet and mobile phone and all its features. if there is a friendly relationship between parent and child, there won't be any hidden matters between them..but attitude has to be positive.

    Susmitha Nair

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    As far as misuse of technology (mobile phones, computers and the like), we must not think it is isolated to children. Adult abusers are the most costly to our society. For every advancement in the history, we have enjoyed the benefits while suffering maliciousness through the misusers and abusers along the way. Thus we have laws and guidelines (virus protection, passwords, limits, approval processes and so on) to impede the misuse. Properly training our children is definitely a necesity but future development of controls against misuse must utilize the highest levels of tecnology to coincide with the advancement of the product itself.

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