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    What is the importance of Morning Walk/Evening Walk?

    Hello Friends,
    I want to discuss this topic:- "What is the importance of Morning Walk/Evening Walk?"
    I think that now a days we are living a very busy life. We do not think about our health but it is very necessary. I think "Morning Walk/Evening Walk" gives us very good healthy life. It is also important to us for getting good and healthy air. Please give your valuable views regarding this topic.
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    Health is wealth. Health is necessary to enjoy life. Health package consist several items in the package like the nutritious food, pure drinking water, unpolluted air, physical exercise, mediation etc. Many of the things have become rare and precious. Some of them are not within our limit.

    The topic concerned is morning and evening walk. As far as physical activity is concerned the best one is walk in the morning and evening. If walk is practiced at the time of sun rise and sun set, the practice hives us the benefit of exercise. In addition to that we will be exposed the the ultra violet rays of the sun. This rays reacts with the fat under the skin and produce vitamin 'D' which is a very essential thing is available free of cost along with the physical fitness. The there is the old saying that poku veyil kondal ponnu pole (sun set rays will make your complexion golden).

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    Ramanathan A R

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    It is a fact that walking, a minimum of 15 minutes briskly, will keep your health in a steady position. Latest report on this matter, based on scientific studies, says 15 minutes walk a day will guarantee three extra years of life.
    Now most of the people work in offices or in such jobs where bodily movements are almost nil. Thus the body become a bag of fat and end up with some disease. Life style diseases are very often common these days. Walking will definitely help overcome such diseases.
    Personally, I have experienced that the pain I have on the joints of hands reduce or even vanish when I walk briskly, swinging both hands.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    Walking is very good for both physical and mental health It help to reduce the excess fat in the body which is one the causes of metabolic diseases.As majority of people are doing sedentary jobs , walking is the only way of getting exercise. In Kerala most of the city areas are not having enough walking tracks or parks and so early morning walk for at least 30 min will be good for city people.In areas not having heavy traffic both morning and evening time good.


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    Morning/Evening walk is a very healthy habit. Doctors recommend doing this daily in our life. The reasons for this recommendation are plenty. You can get good health by doing this simple exercise.
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    Arunraj Essar

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