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    Discuss: As a part of state and nation Political values & attitudes in our society will be decreasi

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'As a part of state and nation Political values & attitudes in our society will be decreasing.'.
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    As mentioned by Aneesh the political values and attitudes are definitely on the decline. But it is not confined to the political field alone. It is spread through all the aspects of human values. If we open a news paper or see the TV news channels, what we see is the erosion TV values in every respect. There will be many news bits of killings of even the close relations like parents spouse etc for money or property.

    You will find news everyday about rapes by not only strangers but even very close relations. In some cases the time of girls of the family are sold for money to many persons. Some cases of selling also can be seen.

    If you go to temples / places of worship, you will find that there also preferences are given depending on the money given by the devotees to the priests or the concerned. Money or power have influence in the place of worship of all religion.

    In hospitals where patients are to be treated for sickness what is happening? You can find doctors and other hospital staff even removing vital parts from the body of patients. The patients who can pay more get treatment and others only lip service. The doctors take an oath of practice to the effect that the treatment of the patient is the only consideration. But in practice what is happening is consideration is the only way to make doctors attend.

    In schools and colleges the position is not different. Now it is mainly business and education is secondary.

    Even in family relation money and usefulness talks more than anything else.

    Therefore only to blame politicians may not be correct. There also good and bad are there.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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