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    Travelling in Kerala has becoming a headache!!!!!

    I am a person who has come to Kerala with my kids for spending vacation with my mother.Most of the days I travel in Ernakulam. One matter which irritates me always is lazy (or crazy) and careless behaviour of 2 wheeler drivers and people who walk through the roadside. they are never bothered about other people who travel in car and other vehicles. 2wheeler drivers always overtake through the left side even without any signal. road side walkers walk on the road as if main road is their inherited property from parents.Can the young generation who reside in kerala do something to make our state a better place to live?

    Warm reagrds,
    Susmitha Nair
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    The complaint is due to our general attitude. It is a fact that the 2 wheeler drivers try to squeeze in where there is a possibility. But it is not confined to 2 wheelers. Right from pedestrians, cyclists to buses and huge lorries all do the same. We will find whether cars or buses trying to squeeze in if the space available is just sufficient scaring other users.

    Every one of us are in eternal hurry to reach our destination my be for schools, offices, restaurants or shopping. If we get a chance to squeeze in we do not bother about the q system in the use of vehicles.

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    Ramanathan A R

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    I am a person living in Kochi (within the limits of the Corporation) since 1970. I do agree with the complaints raised in the thread. The city is developing everyday in the sense more and more vehicles pouring down into the street. But no action has taken by the authorities to improve the roads proportionately.
    When I cam here forty years back the two major roads were MG Road (Padma route) and Shanmugham road (the Menaka route). Even now it is the same. The widening of the road is done at the expense of foot path. There no means for the pedestrians to walk. If a footpath is there, it will be occupied by vendors. See in front of the Menaka (now only the name remains, Menaka theater is no more).
    If a pedestrian has to cross the road he has to waint for ten minutes or more. There are no specified pedestrian crossing areas, even if there is one the vehicles will not stop for the convenience of pedestrians. Only in those junctions where signal lights are provided this arrangements are available.
    When the traffic is four lane, with a median, two lane will be there to one side. So, naturally, the motorists overtake whichever side is empty, that is what happens. Road discipline is something which is unheard as far as the drivers (two or four or six wheeler)of this part of the country are concerned.
    Parking vehicles wrongly are also very frequent here. Authorities are very slow to react.

    Gold Member, SPK

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    I am living in the capital city, Trivandrum.Here the traffic is always a big problem. Especially traffic problem is very much at morning and evening. Suppose if i want to reach somewhere at 10 pm, the traffic makes me reach there at hours late and during that time it is difficult to get a bus.Sometimes I feel sad when i see school children getting crashed in buses.
    Government is trying to make so many developments in our state. But primarily they should solve this traffic problems.
    Hope for the best


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    The problem mentioned in the thread is of great concern. Roads, whether highways or panchayat, are public property. It is not reserved for a certain category of people. Pedestrians, cyclists, two wheelers or whichever the type of vehicle, the road belongs to them.

    First of all, one has to learn how to respect other drivers. He too has the right to use the road. Be patient to follow other vehicles while in heavy traffic.

    Traffic rules are meant for all to obey. The re-occurrence of violation of rules are the result of weakness of the law enforcing authority. Right action at right time can prevent re-occurrence.

    Second thing is the poor condition of roads. The huge amount which is paid by the vehicle owners as tax are not used for the betterment of roads. Government authorities fail to stop encroachment on roads and foot paths. The condition of roads has to made up to cope with the increasing vehicles.

    Third is the ignorance of road rules. It is sad to hear that even heavy drivers are there who do now know the rules on roads. Even one way roads are misused.

    Only God can help


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    Its not only the problem of two wheelers. I think two wheelers are somehow clearing some space in the road. We can find a car(let's say) going just behind another car in a congested road. Imagine a bike taking the space of that car and going in a disciplined manner. It will only consume more space and make more traffic jam. There may be instances where bikers create problems. But according to me they are clearing some space in the road.

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    Hi susmitha,
    Here actual problem is a the rapid increase of vehicles in our state.In our present life time is very important factor.Most of drivers find easiest way to destination.It may be legal or illegal.This misbehavior mostly seen in two wheelers.So this reason road accidents mainly due to two wheeled vehicles.Other reason for crazy behavior most of two wheeled vehicles driven by the young generation.Finally to reduce such activities we must done public awareness program which will indicate major reason for road accidents .Youth generation try to keep traffic rules maximum ,that;s why we can avoid it at certain limit.
    with regards,

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    I may be permitted to add some more facts to my earlier response to this thread. Kochi is one of the cities where the private buses are plying as city service buses. Hell of a competition exist among these buses. Very often traffic blocks are created because of their competitive running. Though there are restrictions regarding overtaking points, very often they overlook them. Authorities close their eyes.
    Unnecessary honking of horns by these buses create sound pollution also.
    Another traffic jam creator is auto rickshaw, the three wheeler. They just drive into any gap that is available, and make other vehicles immovable.
    Unless a planned development in traffic is introduced the city will become standstill within a couple of years.
    All the main roads should have parallel roads and strict one-way system has to be introduced. In junctions free left turn facilities should be made possible, by acquiring necessary land where enough space is not already available.This will reduce traffic blocks to a very large extent.

    Gold Member, SPK

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