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    Is it good to impose a fine of Rs 1000 in schools for not speaking English?

    Hi friends,

    Yesterday there was a striking news in the newspaper which shows that some students were expelled from a reputed CBSE school in Kerala State, India for speaking Malayalam language. The children were imposed a fine of Rs 1000. Do you think it is good to impose a fine of Rs 1000 in schools for not speaking English? Give your opinion regarding this point.

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    The question can be answered in either way. If the school is bringing a new system after admitting student, then it is breach of understanding from the side of the school. But on the contrary if the school was having already a regulation to impose fine for not speaking in English, then there is no breach from their side but the fault is from our side as at the time of admitting our wards to the school the provision was there and we had a choice to get admission in a different school where conditions are as we want.

    There are schools with English medium, Malayalam medium and mixed. We have the choice before admission. Once admission is done why make an issue.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    It is not good to give a such punishment to children as it will give them a feeling that they have done something very bad. Our mother tongue should not have such an insult.There are many other ways to give awareness to children of the importance of English language. Though many schools in Kerala are giving strict instructions to children for not to speak malayalam in school, this particular school is going beyond limit.


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    In my case, I will say imposing fine is not a good option. Children should be given the freedom to express everything they can in the childhood. English may not suite them very fast and they may not be express their feelings in english.

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    The is very bad punishment from CBSE school.Becuse this school is situated in Kerala state.I know every school will have their on rules and regulations,but our children can't adapt with such rapid changes. English language very necessary in current situations but Malayalam is our mother tongue language.So don't avoid our mother tongue language.English medium means,they promote write exams in English from lower classes and they provide better knowledge in English grammer.But actually current CBSE schools see Malayalam as local and enemy language.So of all this tendency has to been changed.For this our Government take immediate action for this type bad punishments.

    with regards,

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    It is not a good thing to punish or take fine from students for not speaking English. Everyone children or adults have the right to speak any language without hurting others.
    Here's the issue can be solved by other better ways. What benefit to take fine from them? Our new generation must know as many languages as possible, mainly mother tongue Malayalam, English and Hindi. Teachers should say their students about the necessity of learning English. As for developing students language skills teachers ask them for doing debates or discussions about current topics in the society in English. That not only improve their language skills, they also aware about the current social conditions.
    I think it is the better way to improve their skills. Students be smart by doing discussions or debates that avoiding stage fears or afraid of talking in-front of the crowd. Now our schools may think about that..


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    This is not the true path of the institutions to improve the language of the students.By the pressure students where not able to reflect their actual power or the strength.Also the students cant handle the mother tongue.They are product of kerala,should have the land mark on that it is not fare punishing the malayalam speaking students

    Jabir Aslam

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