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    Time taking to approve resources

    I have submitted some resources in the resource sections. The time taking to approve resources are long some times. I think you should check the resources submitted in a single day that day itself so that we can submit more articles.
    What I am doing is wait till my articles are approved. I did not write any other article in the mean time. I waits for any alerts from Spider Kerala regarding the article I submitted.

    If you check the resources in the same day itself , it will give us more time to write articles. Please take this into concern.

    Arunraj Essar
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    Hi Arunraj ,
    SPK has always tried to edit the post very fastly. But in certain cases delay in editing may occur due to heavy job load. Here our webmaster is trying to edit all the post in the same day itself. Some posts are edited within hours after posting. For example if you post Onam related articles during Onam season the article will be approved within hours because these articles can bring good traffic to SPK. Or if you post a movie review of certain movie within some days after releasing of the movie it will be approved within hours. What I mean by saying these examples is that articles which bring heavy traffic to SPK will be edited within hours.

    Because of these reason it takes some time for editing the general articles. Now when I look on to your articles I found certain problems. Your articles are not well designed. Now let us analyze one of your article "The bold and powerfull villian in films- captain raju". Do you think that any visitors find your article through search engine? My answer is "No". Now think of some keywords that users search for Captain Raju in search engine. Most probably it will be "Profile of Captain Raju", "Biography of Captain Raju", "Malayalam film actor Captain Raju", "Films of Captain Raju", "New project of Captain Raju", "Awards won by Captain Raju". If the users search with these keyword in search engine your article will not be indexed. So before preparing the title of the article think what people search for your article in search engine and try to include these keywords in the title of the article in a meaningful manner. Summary should also arrange these keywords in a meaningful manner.

    Try to include more contents in the article. You are allowed to use basic html tags in article. Use html tag in for side headings and also arrange pictures in between the article using basic html tag. This will make your article attractive.

    So go and edit all your article (including pending) and resubmit it. You article will be edited soon.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Hi Nijin, thank you for your response. Now I understand the problems with my article. But I don't know how to use the html. Anyway I will try to know better. I am also adding tags to resources. I will make my tags better to appear my resources in search engines. Thanks for your response anyway.

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