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    Installing Ad code in my articles

    I got my adsense account approved yesterday. Please insert my adcodes in articles I submitted. Thanks for your support.
    Arunraj Essar
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    Special Congratulations for getting the adsense account approved. As you got the adsense approved, ads will be automatically displayed in your articles.

    With Regards
    Biju Cherian

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    First of all congratulations for getting your Adsense account. It is one of your good achievement. I think you have get adsense account approval through SpiderKerala. So you have nothing to do. Your advertisements will be automatically generated in your pages.

    If you get your adsense account directly from Google then you have to paste your Publisher id in "Manage Adsense account" page.

    The real earning of spiderkerala comes through Google adsense. If you write search engine friendly articles you may get a good revenue from Google. Many of our members are getting Google adsense cheque in every months. So try to be more active in spiderkerala and when you write any article it should be optimized for search engine.

    Forum Editor SPK

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    Thank you Nijin for your response and thanks to all members of Spiderkerala for giving such an opportunity.

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    First of all i congratulate you for your achievement of Google adsence account.Now Can you give more information about this account.What are precautions and formalities to take this account.

    With regards

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    Hi Ajmal, be very careful when you use an adsense account. I had one account before 3 years in my brother's name. It got disabled due to careless use. I don't want to repeat it again. You should be careful when you view yor own articles with ads. If you refresh the page too much, Google will recieve certain impressions for that page (they will think you are trying to get page impressions) They may disable your account for that reason as well. Use adsense preview tool in such cases to avoid the chances of your account being disabled.
    Have you got Adsense account? I can help you if you don't have any adsense account. Please reply.
    Arunraj Essar

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    Hi Arunraj,
    I trying to get new Google adsence account.I will expect your valuable help for this.

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    Hi Ajmal,
    Here are the tips to get an Adsense account
    -Post trendy articles. You can find trendy articles in

    -Don't widen the range of your articles too much (don't post articles about different contents which do not have no relations at all) Post articles which are related. For example post about Malayalam movies,malayalam actors,review of malayalam movies etc.. Try to post 5 or 6 articles which are related to each other. Google wants web page to be unique.

    -Create good titles for your articles. Creating good titles is a best way to improve the chances of your article appearing in google search results.Title should be related to content.

    -Get major part of your points through submitting better resources to Spider Kerala. Resources are more important than participating in forum work.If your resources are awarded higher points by Spider Kerala, you don't need to worry about getting an Adsense account.

    -Create articles with more than 250 words.

    -Give a better information about your self in your profile

    -If you have more than 500 points in Spider Kerala, you can apply for Adsense. Please note that you meet the other requirements to apply for Adsense. Even though I didn't followed all those listed above, these are the best ways to get an Adsense account easily and quickly.

    If you need any help, reply to me

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