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    Discuss: Do social networks like orkut, facebook, netlog etc mislead our children?

    This thread is to discuss the opinion poll topic 'Do social networks like orkut, facebook, you-tube, netlog etc mislead our children?'.

    Now the social networking becomes more and more famous among people. First of all people use it as a good medium for connecting relationships. But it also have some bad effects. Some people misuse this sites for their selfishness. Like these sites may use for developing sex rackets, misleading boys and girls etc. With the mask of friendship and love; many girls, even housewives are cheated because of unhealthy relationships through this social networking sites. There are many cases registered in cyber -cell. Some girls may suicide or doesn't complaint because of the further burdens.

    What do you think about this? What's your opinions and suggestions about this?
    Discuss and do something to save our future generation.
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    The good and bad in these social net works depends how you approach them. If one try to take its good use, then in is good. At the same time it has some bad side too. Which has to be considered.

    In the case of children, It is bad to use without proper guidance.


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    Social networks like orkut, facebook, you-tube, netlog and such others are plenty in the net. If we look around or think we may conclude that there is nothing exclusively good or bad. In the Puranas we are shown that when the ocean of milk is churned several things came out. The Goddess Lakshmi, of prosperity, the Danwantri with life elixir or nectar etc was from this process which are all good. From the same process only the Jyeshta goddess and the Kalakuta (Very strong) poison had also come. Nuclear energy is used for massive production of electricity which is a boon for mankind if used properly and the same nuclear power is also capable of devastating destruction. the ordinary electricity is extremely helpful and in fact for over 80% of population it will be unthinkable to live without electricity. The same electricity also kill s people by electrocution.

    So is the case with the net works. They are all very good and useful in many ways to the society. The society and the people are also a mixture of good and bad. Even the good and bad depends on the perspective or the understanding of the individuals concerned. From the networks we can select the good or bad as per our taste and use for our respective purposes. Therefore I feel that the networks are really good.

    With Regards
    Ramanathan A R

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    This is a good topic put on discussion here by Mr. Prashob. I completely believe that the social networks especially face book had much influenced the upcoming generation. Now it is a common picture that the younger students of high schools and higher secondary schools are carrying a mobile for chatting and commenting on face book. This can be useful in one way that many friends from different parts of the worlds can unite together in a group. But it seems to be harmful in many ways. As we can see that nowadays internet is the key to every evil. So the upcoming youths get familarised with the internet through this way. Teenagers are being mostly influenced by these social networks. Another fact is that girls are also being involved in this activities. These lead to other problems. There is a funny SMS that if a boy comments any thing, there may be only few replies. At the same time if the girl comments the same, there are number of replies. It is clear from this, that many of the youths join this group for this purpose.
    My final message from this post is that the Parents should have an eye on their children whenever they use internet.

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    This is a good topic . i understand the one side good and other side a bad . i see the 20years back my friends in the facebook and i good relation ship a new friends too .but other side very cheating in the youngest.misuse the people.
    i say this good and bad.

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    Hi friends
    Thanks for your responses. Of-course social networks have both good and bad effects. I think people should more alert about the bad effects of this sites. Be careful from cheaters. It is a main factor that parents should take guidance to their children; and the users should able understand the masked friends from good ones.

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    Hi Friends
    I think the social networks like Orkut, Facebook like sites are helping us to find and chat with our old friend. Lot of friends can be made. But the real problem behind this type of felicities are both of people especially children below 18 are joining this sites by showing their age is 18. Also they use their account for unauthorized purposes.This should be restricted then only we are able to achieve the good side of social networking site.

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