In this year mohanlal has 3 big projects to release.

In this year 2011 superstar mohanlal have three big projects to release .Most of these are waited films by the malayalee audience. Superstar mohanlal has three films coming up for release .
1. Snehaveedu (September 30)
2. Arabhiyum ottakavum pine p. maadhavan naayarum (November 4)
3. Casanova (December 16)

In this three films he playing a solo performance.In his previous films like christian brothers, china town are multi-starer films. After the success of " pranayam " mohanlal fans gets the confidence that upcoming films are going to be hit because the performance of lalettan in the movie was outstanding and script too. Mohanlal needs a solo hit to reassert that he is still a force at the box-office. Snehaveedu releases on this September 30. We know that sathyan anthikadu is a guaranteed director. Mohanlal-Sathyan anthikadu combination is outstanding because the movies like " rasathanthram " ,innathe chinthavishayam" all these films are success in box office .
The man who understands Mohanlal the best is his best friend Priyadarsan. They are coming back after seven years with Arabiyum Ottakavum P Madhavan Nairum on November 4 .Mohanlal once again plays a humorous character in the film which has potential to be a hit.
At the end of the year Mohanlal will have another mass entertainer " casanova " directed by Roshan Andrews scheduled as Christmas release on December 16 . After the superhit film udhayan aanu thaaram, roshan andrews and mohanlal rejoin in the film casanova. So we can analyse that these year is more important for mohanlal fans . Malayalees are waiting for these films me too !!!.All the best laletta.